Experts: there are four major points to watch

 Experts: there are four major points to watch

Russian satellite news agency 21 Daily said that the five participating troops that have arrived in Russia to participate in the caucasus-2020 strategic command exercise will try out Russian military equipment at the kapeskinyar test site in Astrakhan.

This caucasus-2020 strategic exercise will be the first time that Chinese Participating troops have formed a system to use Russian main combat equipment. Chinas official media 18 Daily reported that Russia provided China with t-72b3 tank, BMP-3 infantry combat vehicle, btr-82a armored carrier, bassoon tube anti tank missile and IGRA s air defense missile and other weapons and equipment for the exercise.

Chinese personnel involved in the exercise said that they had never contacted the Russian equipment before. Due to language barrier, it is difficult to read the text on the equipment and communicate with Russian personnel, and there are also differences in equipment operation between China and Russia.

CCTV reported that the Chinese officers and soldiers generally believed that the Russian military equipment was highly mobile, powerful and powerful, but some of the functional design and operation process were quite different from our equipment, which brought difficulties to the operation.

According to the media, in order to solve the relevant challenges, the participating officers and soldiers conducted theoretical study through network materials and training organized by the army in advance before going abroad, and soon mastered the basic essentials after receiving the training of Russian army officers and soldiers. After two days of intensive training, officers and soldiers have basically been able to master the equipment of the Russian army. On the 16th, the Chinese Participating troops participated in the joint training organized by the Russian side, and successfully completed the whole process from equipment operation to live firing.

Analysts interviewed by the Global Times said that there are four main points for us to use Russian military equipment to participate in the exercise on the basis of bringing some wheeled equipment and light weapons. First of all, the Russian army is willing to fully hand over some of the main combat equipment to the Chinese participants, which means that the Chinese participants will have a deep understanding of the technical indicators and performance of these equipment, including some habits and characteristics that are difficult to be reflected on paper, and even some weaknesses may be exposed to the Chinese personnel. This fully reflects the high level of cooperation and mutual trust between the two armies. Second, the Chinese participants can run in with unfamiliar equipment in a very short period of time in two days, which shows that our officers and soldiers have a strong ability to learn and adapt. Third, the use of foreign military equipment to participate in the exercise can also provide an important test and experience for our armys ability to carry out military operations jointly with multinational forces abroad. Under the condition that the quantity of equipment that our army can transport to foreign countries may be limited, it is very important for our army to cooperate effectively with foreign army and use the existing equipment of foreign army to complete the task when necessary. Fourth, our participants will use our own equipment and Russian equipment at the same time. During the exercise, we need to solve the communication and command connection between the two, so as to maximize the combat effectiveness and achieve joint operations with foreign forces.

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