The Philippine air force received four a-29 attack planes from Brazil

 The Philippine air force received four a-29 attack planes from Brazil

Has arrived at a-29 in the Philippines

The plane landed at Clark Air Force Base in Angel City, bangbanya Province, the Philippines on September 19, according to the report, citing Philippine defense ministry spokesman asenio as saying.

According to the report, the four planes took off from Sao Paulo, Brazil, landed in the Canary Islands, Portugal, Malta, Egypt, Bangladesh, the United Arab Emirates, India, Thailand and Vietnam for refueling, and finally arrived in the Philippines.

The Philippine foreign ministry said the remaining two a-29s would arrive next week, adding that official arrival celebrations were in preparation.

The a-29 attack aircraft will be part of the 15th attack wing of the Philippine air force, and will cooperate with the OV-10 Mustang attack aircraft, which was originally planned to be delivered by the end of February, but was delayed due to the new outbreak.

The aircraft will be used for a variety of missions, including close air support, attack, surveillance, reconnaissance, air interception and counter insurgency.

In addition to the Philippines, the Afghan air force also has dozens of a-29 attack aircraft for its domestic military operations. (end)

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