Trump says Russia steals US hypersonic missile technology from Obama administration

 Trump says Russia steals US hypersonic missile technology from Obama administration

RT: when we started supersonic experiments, Obama was a student. Russian missile experts have refuted Trumps claim that Russia has stolen American technology

According to Russia today (RT) on the 21st, Herbert evremov, a famous Russian missile engineer, refuted Trumps accusation that Russia had stolen hypersonic missile technology from the Obama administration.

Evremov (data map)

Barack Obama became president of the United States in 2009, evremov said. And our experiments with this kind of stuff started in the Soviet Union. At that time, Obama was still a teenager.

He was a student when we were already experimenting with hypersonic technology. He went on.

According to reports, evremov, 87, is an expert in missile design. He played a key role in the design of Russias latest missile system.

According to RT, Russia began to develop hypersonic technology as early as 1974-1981, when former U.S. President Barack Obama was indeed a teenager.

Obama attends graduation ceremony in Honolulu, Hawaii, May 1979

Rt said that since the cold war, Russia has been catching up with the United States in military technology. However, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said that the unparalleled hypersonic weapon technology has changed the status quo in Russia, making the United States begin to try to catch up with Russia.

According to previous reports by Russian satellite network, trump said at a campaign rally in Minnesota on the 18th that Russia had stolen American advanced hypersonic missiles from the Obama administration and then developed its own hypersonic weapons. Russia got intelligence from the Obama administration, and Russia stole it. You know. Russia got this information, and then they developed their own weapons. Trump said.

Moreover, trump also boasted at the meeting that the United States has a powerful weapon, which is an excellent hypersonic missile admired by both China and Russia.

However, in fact, the current mainstream view holds that the United States is at least five years behind China and Russia in the field of hypersonic missiles, and Russia currently has many types of hypersonic missiles, such as the dagger missile installed on the MiG-31 fighter plane. However, the fastest-growing hypersonic weapons in the United States are still in the testing stage, and there is still a long way to go before the formation of combat effectiveness. Therefore, the statement that Russian hypersonic missiles steal American technology is totally untenable.

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