Taiwan media: the Taiwan Armys combat readiness provisions have changed significantly, changing the name of the first strike to exercising the right of self-defense and counterattack

 Taiwan media: the Taiwan Armys combat readiness provisions have changed significantly, changing the name of the first strike to exercising the right of self-defense and counterattack

Screenshots of Taiwan media reports

The first strike of the Taiwan army against the enemy in the regular combat readiness period must be ordered and approved by the head of the Taiwan Defense Department. According to reports, senior generals of Taiwans defense department stressed the need to strengthen the patience of pilots and try to avoid gun fire when they were touring various flying units recently, and mentioned this policy change. According to the Taiwan army, the confrontation between the two sides of the Strait is still dominated by occupying each others positions in the air, and there is no radical action between them. It claims that the basis for dealing with the PLA so far is still the provisions on the disposal of emergencies during the period of regular combat readiness.

Photo of the moment when a Taiwan military aircraft launched a missile (photo source: Taiwan United Daily)

According to the report, the specific contingency measures taken by the Taiwan military, ranging from broadcast warning, fighter monitoring and evacuation to ground missile units response, have clear disposal regulations. Generally speaking, Taiwans fighter planes will hang bombs when they carry out air-to-air missions. For example, F-16 fighters will hang aim-120c medium range air-to-air missiles. Every time the PLA fighter planes are launched, senior pilots will lead the team. However, in order to strictly prevent the fire caused by wiping guns in the air and causing troubles, the pilots are not allowed to fire the first shot without receiving the order of the Air Force Combat Command; if they violate the order, they will be immediately transferred to justice.

As for the first attack, Tsai ing ing Wen said in an interview with CNN in February this year that Taiwan is capable of withstanding the first wave of mainland attacks.. Taiwan military sources said that although the Taiwan army has the ability of preemptive counterattack, it will never launch the first attack, but will adopt a heavy layer of deterrence strategy. As for the definition of Taiwan will not launch the first attack, some Taiwan media said that it means that Taiwan will not attack the military target facilities of the mainland just because it analyzes the mainlands attack on Taiwan. Yan Defa said that no matter how many missiles come from the mainland, the Taiwan army should mobilize and protect the local government so that the military facilities can withstand the first missile strike. According to the China Times on August 17, from the decisive battle abroad during Chen Shui Bians period to solid rock when Ma Ying Jeou was in power, and then to Tsai ing ing Wens adjustment of military strategy to defense and strong deterrence, it can be seen that Taiwans military strategy is always in a dilemma. However, no matter who is in power, the blue and green unanimously emphasize that Taiwan will not launch the first attack..

With regard to the PLAs organization of actual combat drills in the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait, Ren Guoqiang, spokesman of the Ministry of national defense, held a press conference in the office of the State Council of the peoples Republic of China on September 18. This is a legitimate and necessary action taken in response to the current situation in the Taiwan Strait and to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Taiwan is a sacred and inseparable part of Chinas territory. The Taiwan issue is purely Chinas internal affairs, and no external interference is allowed.

Ren Guoqiang said that recently, the authorities of the United States and the Democratic Progressive Party have stepped up their ties to create frequent incidents. Whether it is to use Taiwan to suppress China or to take advantage of foreign countries, it is wishful thinking. It is doomed to be a dead end, and those who play with fire will burn themselves! The PLA has firm will, full confidence and sufficient ability to thwart all external interference and Taiwan independence separatist acts, and resolutely safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.