PLA airborne exercises: important signals revealed by color matching slogans of enemy

 PLA airborne exercises: important signals revealed by color matching slogans of enemy

Against this background, Zheng Zhizhi noticed two interesting red and blue confrontation exercises of the PLA from the CCTV program.

Flags and slogans

On the 17th, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PLA airborne troops, a special program was broadcast on CCTVs multi crotch program.

CCTV national defense and Military Channel military report program broadcast on the evening of the 17th revealed that the PLA airborne troops recently held a red and blue soldier confrontation exercise.

Zheng Zhizhi noticed in the broadcast that on the blue army position playing the enemy forces, the colors of flags hung by relevant equipment were mainly composed of red and blue.

In the program, Li Chao, deputy chief of staff of a synthetic brigade of the air force airborne force, said that the airborne compound battalion is like an iron fist, which can directly hit the center of gravity, hit the nodes, smash the hard shell of the enemy, and achieve the goal of winning with one strike. We construct a realistic battlefield environment, close to the requirements of airborne operations, in order to fully forge modular and synthetic precision combat capability.

In addition, the CCTV national defense and Military Channels national defense story column broadcast a special program on the evening of 17th, which revealed that the PLA airborne troops recently held a red and blue soldier confrontation exercise.

Zheng Zhizhi noticed in the broadcast that in the blue army headquarters, which played the role of enemy forces, the walls were hung with slogans drawn in traditional Chinese characters: effective deterrence, defense and defense.. According to Zheng Zhizhi, the relevant slogans were the tactics pursued by the Taiwan army before and were put forward by Ma Ying Jeou.

Expert: PLA landing in Taiwan will adopt a three-dimensional model

As mentioned earlier, there has been frequent interaction between the United States and Taiwan recently.

On the 17th, the peoples Daily reported that the United States intends to sell up to seven major weapon systems, including mines and cruise missiles, to Taiwan. This arms sale breaks the previous convention, and the practice is rare!

Song Zhongping, a military commentator, made an interpretation of this to Zhengzhi. In the process, he also mentioned the PLA airborne soldiers.

Song Zhongping believes that the specific uses and application scenarios of the above weapons are not difficult to speculate. The purpose of intelligent mines and anti-ship cruise missiles is to prevent the PLA from landing in Taiwan - laying mines, setting obstacles for landing channels, and attacking PLA landing ships with anti-ship missiles.

Song Zhongping analyzed that these two weapons and other shore defense weapon systems could not effectively hinder the PLAs landing operations. If the PLA carries out landing operations against Taiwan, it will undoubtedly be a three-dimensional landing mode, that is, not only landing on the sea surface, but also airborne troops. However, the air defense weapon systems such as patriot, which the Taiwan army is proud of, are vulnerable to the Dongfeng express of the PLA. In addition, in terms of the PLAs capabilities, the whole island of Taiwan can be used as a landing area, and the PLA can avoid the sea area where mines are laid. It is obviously unrealistic for Taiwan to mine all the surrounding waters.

Even if the PLA does not consider the destruction of other weapons in the process of landing, he will not use the idea of destroying other weapons. Relying on the import of several US made weapons, we intend to create obstacles to the landing of the PLA. The Taiwan army takes itself too seriously.

Unusual situation on the first day of the exercise

On the morning of the 18th, Ren Guoqiang, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, stressed that the authorities of the United States and the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) have stepped up their ties recently and made frequent troubles. Whether it is to use Taiwan to suppress China or to take advantage of foreign countries, it is wishful thinking and doomed to be a dead end. Those who play with fire will surely burn themselves!

On the 18th, Ren Guoqiang disclosed the first day of the actual combat drill in the Taiwan Strait. The Global Times quoted Taiwan media reports and disclosed that a total of 18 PLA fighters invaded Taiwan and some of them crossed the so-called middle line of the Strait. Among the 18 PLA fighters released by Taiwans Defense Department, there are 2 H-6 bombers, 8 j-16 fighters, 4 J-11 fighters and 4 J-10 fighters. The report also said that it was very rare for the Taiwan army to issue broadcast drive away and even the words close to the airspace instead of the previously used Air Defense Identification Zone.

Today, Taiwan media continue to hype and report the war training activities of PLA military aircraft around Taiwan. Taiwans Defense Department disclosed on the 19th that PLA military aircraft once again crossed the so-called middle line of the Strait and entered Taiwans southwest airspace in the morning, sending out a total of 19 military aircraft.

In fact, this is the second time in nearly a month that the PLA has made it clear that it has organized Combat Oriented drills in the vicinity of the Taiwan Strait in response to the situation in the Taiwan Strait.

On the 13th of last month, air force commander Zhang Chunhui, spokesman of the eastern theater of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army (PLA), recently organized Combat Oriented drills in the Taiwan Strait and at the northern and southern ends of the Taiwan Strait, which is a necessary action to be taken in response to the current security situation in the Taiwan Strait and the need to safeguard national sovereignty.

At that time, song Zhongping commented on the exercise and said that the joint operations command of the eastern theater would gather and mobilize the forces of the land, sea, air and rocket forces in the whole eastern theater area to form fists and fight together. Such a series of exercises in the eastern theater of war is to strengthen the preparations for the military struggle against Taiwan, especially for those aimed at the intervention of powerful enemies.

At the same time, he stressed that this military exercise has a strong practical significance, including that the Taiwan Strait and both sides of the north and the South have become exercise fields. In fact, it has formed a whole area military exercise against Taiwan, which has a strong deterrent effect. In addition to deterrence, the more important role of the actual combat exercise is to conduct wargame deduction according to the actual combat plan and rehearse in the real environment. This is the essence of training for war, not for seeing.

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@Recently, peoples Liberation Army (PLA) warplanes have been warning Taiwan frequently. The cross-strait situation is gradually warming up. Whether the mainland will send troops to attack Taiwan has always been a topic of concern to the people of Taiwan. Taiwans Central News Agency reported that Taiwan has taken precautions through various military exercises. In the past, many people have discussed how long can Taiwan last if the Communist Party of China strikes? An unnamed military source in Taiwan revealed that Taiwan cant even last 24 hours..

When it comes to Taiwans first war with Britain and Japan, it is not possible for the US military to make a speech on Taiwans nine sides, that is, if the US military does not rush to Taiwan for the first time, that is to say, if the US military does not rush to Taiwan for the first time and so on, it points out that if the US military does not rush to Taiwan for the first time, it will not.

This remark has aroused heated discussion from all walks of life. Taiwan military expert you shengxun said in the Taiwan political commentary program face to face that the first battle is the final war and that the US military can not come, you shengxun said that the United States will come to support Taiwan, but you have to see where the war starts.

You shengxun said that if the PLA directly attacked Taiwan from the southern military region and the Central Military Region, the United States has no time, because the seventh fleet of the United States and South Korea are coming over, and it will take at least four days. the host, Xie Zhenwu, could not help but wonder and asked, do you mean we cant even make it for four days? Unexpectedly, you shengxun revealed that there are military personages who can not be named in front of me, admit that they cant last 24 hours.

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Green media scares: the PLAs actual combat exercises have all arrived, and the strategy of catching turtles in the Urn has been exposed

@According to the Taiwan report, the eastern theater of the Chinese peoples Liberation Army announced on the 13th that it would conduct a three-day actual combat military exercise in the Taiwan Strait. Meanwhile, it stressed maintaining a high degree of vigilance and resolutely responding to the separatist acts of Taiwan independence.. The Sanli news of the green camp media reported today (14) with the theme of all the land, sea and air in the actual combat exercises and the exposure of the Communist armys catching turtles in the Urn .

Sanli news reported that the mainlands official media also published commentaries, threatening that this was catching turtles in the Urn for Taiwan. The report quoted global network to point out that the PLA announced the location of the exercise in the Taiwan Strait and the north and south ends, but the PLA has not conducted exercises in these two areas at the same time in the past. This exercise at the north and south ends is tantamount to a complete blockade of Taiwan Strait gorge, which can be said to be catching turtles in a jar. The article also makes no secret of the fact that the PLAs troops in the eastern war zone this time Acting is aimed at Taiwan independence.

The report also pointed out that the line-up of the exercise was multi service and multi direction and systematic deployment of troops, and the joint combat capability of multi services was improved. If the combat against Taiwan is simulated, the army, Navy, air force, rocket force and strategic support force will all be deployed, and the forces of various services will also work together to launch an attack on an island.

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