US military supplies us $250 million to Iraqi Kurdish forces?

 US military supplies us $250 million to Iraqi Kurdish forces?

The report quoted U.S. ambassador to Iraq Matthew Tulle as saying that the equipment provided by the U.S. Army includes radio communication equipment, Hummer SUVs, uniforms and ammunition.

US military equipment transfer to Kurdish armed forces

The assistance of this equipment reflects the US militarys commitment to the Iraqi people and the people of the Kurdish region, and the US military will also provide training to help them use the equipment. Said Matthew Tuller.

Since the United States led multinational alliance began to attack the Islamic state in Iraq in 2014, the United States has been providing training and weapons for the Kurdish armed forces, which are considered to be the key force to suppress the Islamic state and other extremist organizations.

The United States has been urging the Iraqi government and Kurdish forces to strengthen coordination and jointly patrol the disputed border areas, where the remnants of the Islamic state often take refuge.

The trump administration plans to gradually withdraw US troops from Iraq, and the number of US troops stationed in Iraq will drop to nearly 3000 this month. Therefore, it is hoped that the Iraqi government forces and Kurdish armed forces can enhance their own strength and ensure that the Islamic state will not revive after the US forces withdraw. (end)

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