U.S. government officials publicly denied sending spies into Venezuela

 U.S. government officials publicly denied sending spies into Venezuela

Earlier, the Venezuelan government said it had captured an American citizen named Matthew John heath with photos, special weapons and cash. Venezuela said he was trying to attack Venezuelan military facilities, oil refineries and power facilities.

However, Eliot Abrams, the special representative of the United States in Venezuela, publicly stated that the US government was not involved in the incident and did not send heath to Venezuela.

Earlier, Venezuelas attorney general said that heath illegally entered Venezuela, not carrying a passport, but hiding a copy of his passport in his shoes. In addition, he carried a coin indicating that he was related to the CIA.

He said three of Heaths Venezuelan associates included an officer, and four other Venezuelans arrested were charged with helping heath enter Colombia.

Not long ago, two former members of the Green Berets of the United States were sentenced to 20 years imprisonment by a Venezuelan court. They were accused of participating in the attack in early May, which was thwarted by the Venezuelan military, and several armed members of the Venezuelan opposition were killed. (end)

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