Prison break out in Uganda: 219 prisoners steal more than 15 AK-47s

 Prison break out in Uganda: 219 prisoners steal more than 15 AK-47s

Reuters: Uganda says 219 prisoners have escaped, some with guns and ammunition

Flavia byekwaso, a spokesman for the Ugandan military, said on the 17th local time that a prisoner escaped from a prison in the Karamoja region in the northeast of the country on the evening of 16. Before escaping, the prisoners broke into the prisons armory and stole 15 AK-47 rifles, 20 magazines and other ammunition.

This is a massive escape These are stubborn criminals. The prison break prisoners include murderers, robbers and rapists, Mr. bierkwaso said.

The country is in the middle of a large-scale chase, in which two prisoners died and two others were arrested, Mr. bierkwaso said.

Reuters said it was the third prison break in Uganda since the outbreak of the new outbreak in March. The countrys prisoners tried to break out of prison for fear of contracting the virus in a cramped prison. At present, there are at least three new coronal infections in Ugandan prisons. According to the Ugandan prison authority, from March to August this year, the total number of Ugandan prisoners increased by 10% to 65000. The reason for the surge is that many people have been arrested for violating epidemic prevention measures such as curfews and travel restrictions.

Karamoja is a mountainous area on the border between Uganda and Kenya and is also a rich area of mineral resources, Reuters said.

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