Japan regrets the establishment of comfort womens bronze statue authorities in Taiwan: no involvement

 Japan regrets the establishment of comfort womens bronze statue authorities in Taiwan: no involvement

Taiwans Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Xianzhang said on the afternoon of May 15 that the Taiwanese authorities were not involved in the erection of bronze statues of comfort women by non-governmental organizations in front of Tainan Lin Department Store.

According to Taiwans China Commentary Society on August 15, Li said that the Cai government has always attached great importance to the issue of Taiwan comfort women, and its position on dealing with this issue and striving for the dignity of the former comfort women remains unchanged, and will continue to consult with Japan in the future.

He stressed that the government was not involved in the establishment of bronze statues of comfort women by some non-governmental organizations in downtown Tainan.

According to Japans NHK television news, Taiwan set up the first comfort woman image on 14. In response, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei said at a subsequent press conference: It is a great pity that Taiwans practice is incompatible with the consistent position of the Japanese government.

The Japanese government has so far made various explanations to the international community on the issue of comfort women, Kan said. The Japanese government will continue to work hard to get a fair and fair evaluation of the international community.

According to the observer net news, Ma Ying-Jeou arrived at the opening ceremony on the morning of 14. The contrast with the bronze statue is the Japanese department store built in Japan during the Japanese colonial period.

Ma Ying-jeou said, unfortunately, the DPP has never mentioned comfort women after taking office, the DPP government is committed to the transformation of justice, should be voiced on this issue, so that the pain of history can be alleviated.

The first statue of comfort women in Taiwan is unveiled.

Ma Ying-Jeou, the first comfort woman in Taiwan, attended the opening ceremony. The picture is from China time electronic newspaper.

Since Ma Ying-jeou took office as Taiwans regional leader in 2008, she has added comfort women to her high school history curriculum, but textbooks still claim that women volunteer. To this end, in his second term, the syllabus clearly stated that women are forced to be comfort women.

However, in 2015, when young Taiwanese students launched the anti-curriculum campaign, they opposed adding forced to the comfort women one time before, and even claimed emphatically, how can we prove that all comfort women are forced?

During the 2016 election for Taiwans leadership, Cai Ying-ying expressed his support for comfort women, but after taking office, he abolished Ma Ying-jeous curriculum and re-introduced the old one, which did not clearly state that comfort women were forced to do so. Lin Quan, the first cabinet minister of the Cai English government, bluntly called some comfort women voluntary in his inquiries. Asked if he had imitated the South Korean bronze statue, Xie Changting, a DPP representative in Japan, said, So everyone is ready to take part in my farewell ceremony.

On the 14th, the Tainan Association for the Promotion of the Equality of Human Rights for Comfort Women said at the opening ceremony that there was little research on the history of comfort women on the island. Some of the history textbooks even simply carried this history in the form of a line or annotation, which made people feel very sad. Therefore, the Association was established together with people of lofty ideals to promote the care of comfort women. Event.

Apart from the fact that Korean folk groups have promoted the issue of caring for comfort women in recent years, the Chinese mainland has also responded positively. On October 22, 2016, Shanghai Normal University held the unveiling ceremony of bronze statues of two Korean and Chinese girls symbolizing the Japanese armys comfort women. It is the first time that a Chinese and Korean girlsdouble statue has been set up in mainland China.

A bronze statue of Chinese and Korean girls on campus of Shanghai Normal University is from the global times.

Source: observer network responsibility editor: Ji Guo Jie _NBJ11143