US defense chief regards China as primary strategic competitor and calls for more money for shipbuilding

 US defense chief regards China as primary strategic competitor and calls for more money for shipbuilding

Screenshot of Russian satellite news agency

According to the Russian satellite news agency, esper participated in an event organized by the Rand Company, a US military think-tank, on the same day. Esper said that he met with Deputy Defense director David Norquist and other officials this week. According to him, after reviewing the results of an evaluation report of the Ministry of defense, he had the determination to increase funds. The content of the report is the need for the US Navy to remain dominant until 2045.

We have to increase shipbuilding funding, esper said. That means we have to restore the naval budget to the Reagan era level - 13 percent, now 11 percent. Thats what the Secretary of the Navy and I are committed to pursuing.

Esper was in the relevant activities on the same day / photo from the website of the US Department of defense

Esper said the Defense Departments goal is to have more than 355 manned and unmanned ships in active service. He explained that the future U.S. fleet must have the ability to survive in high-intensity conflicts, the ability to project power and demonstrate presence, and the ability to carry out precision strikes at long distances.

It is worth noting that espers statement on the same day focused on China. He also declared that China intends to control Asia with a world-class military force before 2049, and said that the US Department of defense reported to Congress last week that China has the largest naval force in the world..

According to the US Department of defense website, although esper also said that even if we stop building new ships, China will still take several years to catch up with our strength, he said that the Ministry of defense has made China, and then Russia, as its primary strategic competitor, India Pacific region is the key region in the future.

This month, the US Department of defense has just submitted the latest Chinas military strength report to Congress. The report not only claims that China has the largest naval force in the world, but also states that China will double the number of nuclear warheads in the next 10 years. Next came Charles Richard, head of the U.S. nuclear force, commander of the U.S. strategic commanduff08 CharlesA.Richard uff09This week, it claimed that Chinas dramatic increase in military strength shows how quickly the Asian country is building its own nuclear arsenal so as to achieve the ability to directly threaten the United States..

The Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of defense of China have successively responded to some contents of the so-called China threat in the so-called Chinas military strength report of the US Department of defense.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said that the US Department of defense report, like similar reports in the past, is reckless of facts and full of prejudice. China is firmly opposed to making false comments on Chinas national defense construction and deliberately distorting Chinas strategic intentions. Hua Chunying stressed that Chinas strategic intentions are transparent and consistent. The constitution of the peoples Republic of China has already clearly stipulated that China adheres to the road of peaceful development and promotes the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind. China has always pursued a defensive national defense policy and is a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development and a defender of international order. The development of Chinas military power is precisely the growth of world peace forces. Chinas national defense construction is to safeguard the countrys independence and territorial integrity, and it is exercising the legitimate rights of a sovereign state. There is nothing wrong with it.

Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Ministry of national defense, said in a statement on September 13 that this is another example of the US sides slandering and slandering China and the Chinese army, and China expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition to this.

Wu Qian stressed that China adheres to the path of peaceful development and firmly pursues a defensive national defense policy and a military strategy of active defense. Chinas military development is entirely out of the need of safeguarding national sovereignty, security and development interests. It is not aimed at any country and will not pose a threat to any country. The development and construction of Chinas weapons and equipment has always adhered to the principles of independence, self-reliance and independent innovation, mainly relying on its own strength for research and production. Chinas military going to the world will bring security rather than threat, and opportunities rather than challenges to the world. The Chinese army has always been a firm force in maintaining world peace. In recent years, more and more Chinese troops have carried out overseas military tasks such as peacekeeping, escort and disaster relief. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been the cause of the outbreak since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia. Chinas military has actively promoted international military cooperation through mutual letters, telephone exchanges, video communication on disease epidemics and medical aid.

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