Record of important progress made in a test conducted by the Third Research Institute

 Record of important progress made in a test conducted by the Third Research Institute

Ling Yuns original heart

In order to reduce the test cycle and improve the work efficiency, some team members were deployed to enter the field in advance to carry out the preparation work before the test. At more than six oclock in the morning of the weekend, when most office workers were still immersed in sweet dreams, the advance team drove to the test site. The warm morning light shines on the faces of the test team members through the window in the summer, but it doesnt disturb the team members to have a rest. Although the car seat is not comfortable, its good to sleep for a while, said Xiao Zhang, a professional power engineer. Only those who are tired to the extreme can appreciate the beauty of a nap. Seize the time to squint for a while to prepare for the fierce heat field test.

At nine oclock in the evening, after finishing the days test task, the tired team members gathered to the bus. The reason for todays experimental phenomenon is that Tomorrow needs to go according to the plan Lao Wang and Xiao Zhao of the general specialty took the time to carry out the test summary and exchange. It took an hour to get back to the station. The summary meeting on the bus saved the time of the resident meeting, which was an adaptation of the team members according to the local conditions. For more than a month, we have watched the weather action, grasped the fine weather to promote the test progress, and the rhythm of life adjusted with the test progress, regardless of the morning and evening, without rest days, to ensure the smooth development of the test task. The first task of the experiment is to postpone personal matters, and always with the sincere heart of the aviation enterprise, to fulfill the clank oath of the party members, and to adhere to the original intention.

The heat wave turns to be loyal

The hottest solar term of the year is the summer heat, and the highest temperature on the ground is the airport cement ground. In the summer, the sun is shining high in an airport in the hinterland of the Central Plains. The temperature is in the early 30s, while the ground temperature is about 60 or 70 degrees. The hot air rising near the ground is like the air above the flame, which makes the mountains in the distance shake constantly. What a hot word. In this kind of weather, the team members race against the clock to do the experiment according to the plan. The sweat flowed quietly along the arm and along the back of the spine. It seemed that everyone didnt notice that all they saw was data in their eyes and only experiments in their hearts. We are most worried about heatstroke of our team members. We must prepare enough cool drinks and more Huoxiang Zhengqi water... The two leaders said with concern.

Leading by Party building and gathering confidence in victory

As long as the thought does not slide, there are more ideas than difficulties. Under the epidemic situation and in the extraordinary period, the three hospitals, in a wartime state, faced the two tough battles and one resistance war. Centering on the actual combat and promoting the actual combat, the 301 Institute launched a series of activities of ensuring the success of fighting epidemic situation and promoting development. The experimental team set up a party member commando team composed of eight party members to play the vanguard and exemplary role of the party members, boost the morale, boost the fighting spirit and meet the difficulties. The slogan of accelerating the central task with the wartime state and undertaking the urgent vanguard of scientific research with the wartime style. Under the guidance of the bright red party flag and under the leadership of the two general managers, the test team members fought high temperature and withstood the heat. In order to ensure the success of the test once and pursue the dream of success, they carefully completed the test plan, and put all the boxing intentions of the party members commando team in the preparatory work before the test, which was confirmed by the unyielding spirit of Party members once again Only when you are ready for success.

Strong grass is known by the wind, and gold is refined by fire

Sky man as the defender of the motherland

Do not avoid the cold and heat, no turning back, charge in front

The party flag is silent, strengthening the original nature

The fortress is speechless, and new achievements are made in the sky

(by Shen Juan and Wang Jun)

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