Fans hope that Naza and the handsome guy play back: then dont watch

 Fans hope that Naza and the handsome guy play back: then dont watch

Gulina Zhas microblog is deleted every second

Gulinaza replies to fans on September 14

Netease Entertainment reported on September 16 that on September 16, a fan posted an article on the microblog, hoping that Naza could play with a handsome man in the future. Im afraid I cant watch it. Please come to a fan and not be a demon. Its a good-looking man! Gulina Zha directly commented on the original Bo Huihui fans, dont look at it. I dont deserve your liking. You go to make an actress who likes filming, enters the group seamlessly, and cooperates with handsome men every day. Thank you The fan then said that he was a real fan and had done a lot of things for Naza. He was very cold hearted to get such a reply. My sister cant do what you want, and Im tired, she replied again He confessed that he had no control over the script, the owner and the company.

In the evening, gulina Zha also posted a picture on her microblog that read recognize the situation and give up fantasy, but then deleted it in seconds. It is reported that on September 14, a fan sent a blog to ask Naza to choose a good script. Guli Naza also replied: put it down, dear, I dont deserve your liking. Pink is a clear-minded, single all his life, and receives high-quality scripts. Thank you.

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