Ma Jingtao delivers blessing and super gift bag to his agents wedding

 Ma Jingtao delivers blessing and super gift bag to his agents wedding

Ma Jingtao

Ma Jingtao attends agents wedding

Ma Jingtaos agent fan interaction

Netease Entertainment reported on September 16 that a netizen recently posted a video of famous Chinese actor Ma Jingtao attending the wedding ceremony in Heze, Shandong Province. According to the editors review of teacher Mas microblog and fans reply, the groom should be Mr. Mas agent Wu Haitao. Mr. Mas microblog has repeatedly mentioned this person and his photos. The relationship between them is better than that of relatives.

It is reported that Mr. Ma also prepared a super gift bag for the two newlyweds at the wedding ceremony. Its really enviable to have such a good boss. Its absolutely called a good boss in China. Of course, all the stars dont need money. Its said that Mr. Ma has created many classic characters, such as Zhang Wuji and Xiaozhuangs secret history Ergun, LV Dongbin in the journey to the East, Nurhachi in the secret history of Taizu, and so on, are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. They are the beautiful memories of the post-8090 generation.

The duel, written, directed and performed by Ma Jingtao, has won an important support theme from the China Film and literature creation foundation. We hope that more and better works of Mr. Ma Jingtao will appear. Finally, Id like to send my best wishes to the two newcomers!

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952