Tearful eyes! Cheng Lin Yang wrote another long article in memory of Huang Hongsheng: I cant be OK

 Tearful eyes! Cheng Lin Yang wrote another long article in memory of Huang Hongsheng: I cant be OK

This morning, Taiwan media disclosed the death of Huang Hongsheng, and revealed that the cause of his death was slipping and bumping into his head in the bathroom. No one found out that he died.

As soon as the news came out, Cheng Lin Yang began to mourn for Huang Hongsheng, I cant describe how painful I am. Hong Sheng is like a family member to me. I really cant accept the news. His good, I will always remember, also please remember his hard-working, serious, talented appearance. Ill miss him forever

It is reported that Huang Hongsheng is Yang Chenglins once publicly acknowledged boyfriend, also is the first love boyfriend. In the past, during the period of Huagang art school, they had a very simple love. Even if they broke up, they would regard each other as confidants. The two also have intimate ties in private. Huang Hongsheng was asked to be a guest at Cheng Lin Yangs concert. Yang Chenglin and Li Ronghao are together, and Huang Hongsheng sends his best wishes on the Internet for the first time. The relationship between them is not called the best first love.

Because its impossible. It cant be OK

Hong Shengs departure

Let too many people love him

I feel very reluctant

Im worried about the mood of Hongshengs family

They must have hurt several times more than I did

See the media report his good news

Because he really worked very hard

Cherish every stage

Its very important to get a hard chance

Not just those

Where you cant see it in front of the screen

Whats more, it makes me feel

Be able to meet him

Its a blessing in my life

I have said that

I believe you will still be in the future

Its just a different form of company

Im very glad that we all expressed our full love and care to each other

Its a pity to lose you

But we didnt leave a trace of regret


Miss you forever


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