The vaginal dumbbells praised by Ma Yili hide the embarrassment of women

 The vaginal dumbbells praised by Ma Yili hide the embarrassment of women

But the dumbbell Im going to talk about today is like this:

Its not for lifting, and it cant make people practice peach buttocks. Moreover, it makes many women feel ashamed to speak - this is a postpartum recovery props used in womens private parts, called vaginal dumbbells.

Some time ago, Ma Yili also mentioned it in his microblog. In this world, no one will regret giving birth to a child if she has a sound mind and knows how to love. But not all women know how to love their body after childbirth.

So why do people need to use vaginal dumbbells? What does it feel like to use it?

Why use vaginal dumbbells

Vaginal dumbbells, also known as vaginal ball, vaginal yoga ball. Its shell is soft medical silica gel, and the inner core is filled with steel balls of different sizes and weights. Its like a big dumbbell. Its hard to put an egg in your body.

If so suffering, why do you have to use it? Of course, its not just for sex, but because it can repair female pelvic floor dysfunction and recover damaged pelvic floor muscles.

In China, about 45% of married women suffer from pelvic floor disease. Ella, Tang Wei and Xie Yilin, who are well known to us, have also suffered from the embarrassment and pain caused by postpartum urinary leakage.

Even women who have not given birth will also have pelvic floor muscle weakness and urinary incontinence symptoms due to the increase of age and the decrease of estrogen [2]. At any time pad a sanitary napkin, has become a lot of womens tacit secret.

Pelvic floor muscle injury, although not a threat to womens lives, but will make them laugh, cough, jump, the lower body uncontrolled floor leakage urine. In severe cases, it can also lead to vaginal wall bulge, fecal incontinence, uterine prolapse, etc.

So why do womens pelvic floor muscles get damaged? Pelvic floor muscle is a layer of muscles attached to the pelvis. It is like a large net, which nets a series of important viscera, such as bladder, uterus, rectum, etc. Therefore, the health of pelvic floor muscles, to a large extent, affects womens sexual function and urination function.

Pregnancy and delivery are the major causes of pelvic floor muscle injury. In the second and third trimester of pregnancy, the uterus will increase with the development of the fetus, compressing the pelvic floor. Pelvic ligaments and pelvic muscles are forced to lengthen, trying to support the heavy uterus. In a state of extreme tension, the dramatic changes in hormone levels during pregnancy make the pelvic floor ligaments and muscle groups become loose [3]. And its just pregnancy.

By the time of delivery, the childs entire body passes through the vagina of the woman. But the width of the vagina is generally only 2-3 cm. In order to let the child be born smoothly, the vagina of the pregnant woman needs to be stretched to about 10 cm wide. Although the vagina is elastic, but beyond the limit of expansion, or will not bring natural repair damage. Like a rubber band, after 8 hours of strong pulling, although it can restore a certain degree of elasticity, but it will be much more relaxed than before.

Does vaginal dumbbells work

Vaginal dumbbells are the life-saving straw for women with pelvic floor muscle damage. Its principle is Kegel movement, also known as pelvic movement.

A set of vaginal dumbbells has 5 balls, diameter from large to small, weight from light to heavy. Vaginal dumbbells are generally placed in the body 2-3 cm away from the vaginal orifice. When the sphere is sagged by gravity, the vaginal muscles need to clamp the ball upward to prevent the ball from sliding, so as to exercise the vaginal muscles.

Recovery of pelvic floor muscle elasticity training, is a gradual process. At the beginning of the exercise, choose the largest and lightest ball, supine exercise for 5-10 minutes, contract and close the vagina. As the training progresses, slowly add it to 15-20 minutes. After two weeks, you can change the smaller and heavier ball, do slow walking and squatting.

The whole course of training is usually 10-15 weeks. When using vaginal dumbbells several times, muscles will be excessively tired due to sudden increase of stimulation, resulting in discomfort of abdominal distension. If the training intensity is not controlled properly, or the size of the training equipment is not suitable, the lower body will be torn and it will be difficult to walk.

You may ask, is there no other way to save a damaged vaginal muscle other than to stuff it in the lower body? Of course, in order to be able to laugh and run freely, mothers have already tried various methods.

But it seems that once and for all vaginal tightening surgery, the symptoms do not cure the root cause, the vaginal orifice is narrowed, but the inner wall muscle is still loose. If the wound is large, the recovery period is still long, and cutting off part of the nerve will lead to a decrease in sexual sensitivity.

There are more high-tech methods, such as the use of instruments for irradiation, laser stimulation of the vaginal wall. But laser treatment will be associated with the risk of infection, treatment may also bring pain to the wound. In contrast, the use of vaginal dumbbell exercise, the risk is relatively controllable, the price is more friendly.

03 womens postpartum difficulties ignored

Although vaginal dumbbells help many women solve the problem of urinary leakage, there are still more women who are not aware of their pelvic floor muscle damage. Because no one will tell them that this secret torture is also a disease.

On the one hand, the public lack of correct understanding of womens physical recovery. The recovery after childbirth is not only to restore the energy and physical strength consumed during pregnancy and childbirth, but also to recover organs, repair birth canal, return of pelvis, treatment of pregnancy syndrome, etc.

In this process, pelvic floor diseases will involve personal privacy, which makes it difficult for many women to speak. Therefore, they are often ignored and miss the best recovery period.

On the other hand, there are misunderstandings about the postpartum recovery period. Many people believe that the recovery period of a woman is only 30 days after the birth. After the birth period, the female body will return to normal. But generally speaking, the standard puerperium needs 6-8 weeks, at this time the maternal body is the most vulnerable, the body indicators are in a state of serious imbalance, vulnerable to infection, causing various postpartum complications. Six months to one and a half years after delivery is an ideal period for the recovery of body injury. Postpartum one and a half to three years, is the recovery of women after childbirth, the body function slowly restored to stability. Therefore, only one maternity leave can not make women fully recovered.

In addition, prenatal training and postpartum care are not in place, which also makes people ignore the importance of pelvic floor disease. In the UK, the NHS provides free prenatal and postpartum training services for pregnant women, including physical health during pregnancy, delivery process, delivery pain relief methods, and child care knowledge.

But in China, many families believe that the experience of the older generation is very reliable. A survey of 2100 pregnant women in Hubei Province shows that about 46% of women acquire nutrition and health knowledge through their parents experience [4]. But are the pregnancy strategy and the complete set of pregnancy really reliable? Not necessarily. Sociologist Li Yinhe once said that alleviating the pain of puerpera is the respect for individual life.

How many pregnant women, clearly can get better conditions for childbirth and childbirth, but they will have a painful childbirth difficulties, unable to avoid the birth sequelae. Physical and mental injuries, also failed to wait for scientific care and family care. Mrs. ban sincerely wishes that all women affected by the sequelae of childbirth can recover as soon as possible.

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