The director of Lanzhou Institute of zoology responded to the positive result of brucellosis: employees and students have the right to be compensated

 The director of Lanzhou Institute of zoology responded to the positive result of brucellosis: employees and students have the right to be compensated

Yin Hong, director of Lanzhou Institute of zoology

There are more than 200 positive cases in Lanzhou Institute of zoology

Lanzhou Institute of zoology, full name of Lanzhou Veterinary Institute, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, is one of the scientific research units specialized in preventive veterinary research. According to the official website of the Institute, Yin Hong is a researcher and doctoral supervisor. He is currently the director of Lanzhou Institute of zoology, director of the State Key Laboratory of animal disease pathogenic biology, deputy director of Gansu Key Laboratory of animal parasitic diseases, and director of China animal husbandry and Veterinary Association.

According to the notice issued by Lanzhou Health Commission on September 15, 2019, on December 26, 2019, a joint investigation group composed of national, provincial and municipal experts confirmed: from July 24 to August 20, 2019, Zhongmu Lanzhou biopharmaceutical factory used expired disinfectant in the production process of Brucella vaccine for veterinary use, resulting in incomplete sterilization of waste gas from fermentation tank, and formation of bacteria containing waste gas During the production period, the main wind direction in the area was southeast wind. Lanzhou Institute of veterinary medicine was located in the downwind direction of Zhongmu Lanzhou biological pharmaceutical factory. The antibody positive was produced by human inhalation or mucosal contact, resulting in brucella antibody positive event in Lanzhou Institute of veterinary medicine. The incident was an accidental incident, an exposure in a short period of time.

According to the circular, Lanzhou biopharmaceutical factory closed down the production workshop of Brucella vaccine on December 7, 2019, and issued a letter of apology on the companys website on February 4, 2020. At the same time, in accordance with the relevant provisions, the eight responsible persons were dealt with seriously. Lanzhou biopharmaceutical factory said that it would learn from the lessons and actively cooperate with the provinces and cities in dealing with the aftermath and compensation work.

Yin Hong told the cover news reporter that there were more than 200 brucella antibody positive in Lanzhou Veterinary Research Institute, including employees and students, at present, the staff and students have no disease.

Yin Hong said that the staff and students with antibody positive in Lanzhou Institute of zoology should enjoy the same rights and obligations as other antibody positive employees of Lanzhou Zhongmu pharmaceutical factory. He pointed out to reporters that this is a civil tort liability, and the so-called same rights and obligations refers to cooperating with the government to do these work well. If they want to compensate, they (the positive staff and students of Lanzhou Institute of zoology) also have the right to be compensated.

The local government reported last year

There will not be a large number of antibody positive people

On December 6, 2019, Lanzhou Institute of zoology announced the notice on disposal of suspected Brucella infection events, which said, from November 28 to 29, the technical team of foot-and-mouth disease prevention and control of Lanzhou Institute of veterinary medicine, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences reported that four students were serologically positive for brucellosis. After receiving the report, Lanzhou Veterinary Institute immediately sent personnel to accompany the students to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment. At the same time, an investigation team was set up to close the relevant laboratories and carry out investigation. Up to now, 263 people have been tested, and 65 people have been confirmed to be seropositive by Gansu Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention. Among the seropositives, individual felt unwell, while the others did not show obvious clinical symptoms

In the interview, Yin Hong confirmed to the cover news reporter, we knew (the student brucellosis seropositive) very early, on November 28 last year. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was reported to be confirmed only after six months.

On December 26, 2019, 20 days after Lanzhou Institute of zoology announced Notification on disposal of suspected Brucella infection, Gansu health and Health Commission, Department of agriculture and rural areas of Gansu Province and Lanzhou municipal government jointly issued a notice. As of 16:00 on December 25 of that year, 671 serum brucella antibody preliminary screening tests were carried out among students and employees of Lanzhou Institute of zoology, and laboratory re examination confirmed that antibody positive people There were 181 cases in total. Except for one patient who had clinical symptoms, the others had no clinical symptoms and had no disease. The report also showed that since December of that year, 3365 people were detected in Lanzhou University Students and teaching staff, 22 of them were positive for brucella antibody, with a positive rate of 0.65%. According to epidemiological investigation, six of them had participated in all activities in Lanzhou Animal Research Institute in July this year, and the rest of them were in line with the epidemic trend of brucellosis in Chengguan District of Lanzhou city Potential.

According to the answer to the relevant questions attached to the notice on December 26 last year, the positive brucella antibody means that the specific antibody of Brucella can be detected from human body by standard tube agglutination test and other methods. Brucella antibody is produced by Brucella invading the body through respiratory tract, skin mucous membrane and digestive tract, which stimulates the bodys immune system.

The circular also disclosed that Zhongmu Lanzhou biopharmaceutical factory is one of the earliest veterinary vaccine production plants in China, and is a designated production enterprise of compulsory immunization animal disease vaccine by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas. It has successively carried out nine GMP inspections (including re inspection, reconstruction and expansion) of veterinary drugs, and the veterinary drug production license is within the validity period. 22 veterinary drug product approval numbers issued by the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas have been obtained, including 2 live brucellosis vaccines, which are S2 and A19 strains respectively. Since 2016, all batches of live brucellosis vaccine produced by Zhongmu Lanzhou biopharmaceutical factory have been issued and issued. In 2019, 5 batches of live brucellosis vaccine were randomly inspected and qualified.

The reporter noted that in the above-mentioned answers to relevant questions, what is the scope of impact around Lanzhou biopharmaceutical factory? How many people are likely to be antibody positive? The answer to the first question is as the main wind force in Lanzhou from July to August is southeast wind, with wind force of 2-3. The aerosol formed by the waste gas containing bacteria discharged by Lanzhou biopharmaceutical factory has limited dispersion distance through the air, and the human exposure dose is also very low. From the analysis of the investigation, there will not be a large number of anti body positive personnel.

According to the official website of Gansu Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention, brucellosis is a zoonotic and allergic disease caused by the invasion of Brucella. Once infected with brucellosis in livestock, it will lead to abortion, infertility and arthritis. Human infection with brucellosis shows fever, sweating, joint and muscle pain and other symptoms, which seriously affect fertility and even death. According to the law of the peoples Republic of China on infectious diseases, it is also an occupational disease caused by biological factors stipulated in the law of the peoples Republic of China on the prevention and control of occupational diseases. At present, human to human transmission is rare. Generally speaking, brucellosis patients are not the source of infection for other healthy people or livestock.

According to the epidemic situation of notifiable infectious diseases in Gansu Province in August released by Gansu Health Commission on September 8, there were 328 cases of brucellosis and no death cases.

Compensation work will start in October

According to the notice issued by Lanzhou Municipal Health and Health Commission on September 15, Gansu Province has set up a leading group for the disposal of brucella antibody positive incidents in Lanzhou Institute of zoology, with Li Rongcan, member of the Standing Committee of the provincial Party committee and Secretary of the municipal Party committee, as the group leader, and Zhang Weiwen, deputy secretary and mayor of Lanzhou Municipal Committee, as the Deputy group leader u300bIn October, the compensation work was carried out in batches.

According to the circular, Lanzhou city has started the second reexamination and detection of brucella antibody positive personnel at the provincial level for two months starting from July 16, 2020. By 14:00 on September 14, 2020, 2773 people had been re examined and 2768 feedback results had been received from the Provincial Center for Disease Control and prevention. After the second re examination and health assessment, Lanzhou biopharmaceutical factory was coordinated and urged to actively carry out compensation work according to relevant laws, regulations and standards. The compensation work was carried out in batches in October.

Yin Hong told reporters that he was not clear about the progress of the compensation work. At present, the Lanzhou government is handling the matter in a unified way. We only cooperate with the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to help these employees solve some problems they encounter, and there are no specific measures.

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