Comment on Zhou Yangqing being scolded EQ low Zheng Shuang: I dont listen to your ridicule

 Comment on Zhou Yangqing being scolded EQ low Zheng Shuang: I dont listen to your ridicule

Netease Entertainment reported on September 16, in the new talk show conference program, Zheng Shuang revealed on the stage that he talked about his recent situation and responded to many controversies. In the face of netizens to her Shuang Yan Shuang Yu, she generously explained that she said it was very cool, others heard very speechless remarks. Zheng Shuang also joked with himself that because there was no agent to stop him, he said what he wanted to say. He also said that all the itineraries and activities were connected by himself, and that he had several jobs, including the agent, the propaganda and the assistant, and the artist himself.

Earlier, Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang broke up. Zheng Shuang left a message on the womens social platform saying I love you in your nine years, and your words still love him. He was ridiculed by netizens for his low EQ and untimely reply. This time, Zheng Shuang explained that he didnt make a hasty comment, but thought about it for an hour. He also said that I love my words, but I dont listen to your sarcasm..

Zheng Shuang graduated from Beijing Film Academy. In 2009, she became famous for her role in lets see the meteor shower. Her role of Chu yuurtu left a deep impression on many audiences.

In 2012, Zheng Shuang won the Golden Award for new actor of the year of the Hong Kong Film Directors Association and the best newcomer award of the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards for his first film painted wall. He was also rated as the most beautiful fairy on the big screen of Chinese films in the past decade.

Zheng Shuang, whose popularity has soared all the way, gradually released herself after becoming popular. First, in an interview with Yang Mi on the same stage in 2013, he admitted that he had plastic surgery, and then announced that he had broken up with Zhang Han, who was born in love with the drama, which caused heated discussions. Her relationship with Hu Yanbin and Zhang Heng has also been controversial, and they were very unhappy when they broke up. Zheng Shuang has always been in a state of bold and free speech and unusual behavior. Netizens have different opinions on her.

Before that, Zheng Shuang broke down suddenly in the process of carrying goods. He cried and met his two partners, saying that I have nothing to do with the performance. Finally, the two partners who were living together had no choice but to leave the studio. The scene was once very embarrassing.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Li Si_ NBJ11322