Ordinary glory Bai Jingting, Qiao Xin and Wei daxun fighting against the workplace dilemma

 Ordinary glory Bai Jingting, Qiao Xin and Wei daxun fighting against the workplace dilemma

The Tiantai version of the poster released for the first time today also shows the relationship between Wu Kezhi and sun Yiqiu. They stand on the rooftop with the tall buildings in Shanghai behind them. They stand side by side and look firmly at their home court of struggle. One side gives each other everything and the other side is open-minded to learn. It seems that they can go through even the greatest difficulties together. In the course of Jin Chens struggle, they share weal and woe, support each other; more importantly, the audience perceived the happiness and warmth from the daily life of the characters in the play, and gained the warmth and comfort to cure their hearts.

Based on the real workplace environment, the dilemma causes realistic thinking

Everyone in the play is faced with their own workplace difficulties, but they do not choose to stop; on the contrary, they sum up experience, self reflection, and use a more positive attitude to accept the challenges from the real workplace. Ordinary glory presents the real face of workplace life, at the same time, it also describes the sense of belief that people will never give up, shows the audience the spirit of perseverance and positive values, and gives the audience vigorous spiritual strength.

Based on the investment industry, ordinary glory presents the real state of a group of dream seeking professionals to break through difficulties and strive to realize their dreams. The growth and transformation of those who have learned through training have aroused strong resonance among the audience. Tonight, the difficult new member Lu Siqiu has brought new investment projects to the comprehensive fourth group. At the same time, what kind of crisis will it bring? Ordinary glory is launched at 19:30 every night at the golden section of Oriental satellite TV and Zhejiang satellite TV. Youku members are updated at 22:00 and non members are free at 22:00 the next day!