Its hard to make a living after thirty. Can we make it? Its enough to look at these 10 details. Its really good

 Its hard to make a living after thirty. Can we make it? Its enough to look at these 10 details. Its really good

u30103u3011 Theres no need to say everything you know. Being a good teacher is the most stupid thing in the workplace. Talking about yourself will only make you look more stupid in front of the experts.

u30105u3011 Keep your own individuality under the generality. Those who are independent and show their sharp edges can not handle the relationship between individuality and generality, so they cant go far. No personality, no way. Mature people can control their desire for expression and choose to retain the most favorable personality under the common characteristics.

u30106u3011 Dont make decisions when youre angry. Mature people are good at controlling their emotions. They are not impatient or irritable. They are not angry or angry. If you are really angry, close the door and cut the bad mood. Because a lot of villains will use the method of encouragement to deceive you.

u30107u3011 We should stick to the principle of adaptation. Some people say that you should adapt to the boss and society, which is not true. Mature people judge the current situation by whether the current situation is better or worse than the conditions they have adapted to, rather than comparing them with the past conditions, let alone calculating who adapts to whom.

u30108u3011 Promise as slowly as possible and refuse as quickly as possible. Some people do not agree. They think that the promise should be happy and the refusal should be slow. In fact, this is smart. For example, if you refuse someone else at that time, the marginal loss is 1. If you are vague for three days, and then you are disappointed after lifting the other partys appetite, your marginal loss is greater than 2.

u30109u3011 Be good at jumping out of the current options. We have more than ten years of study career, formed the ABCD choice habit. Ordinary people tend to choose from the options others give you, mature people dare to ask themselves, am I still

u301010u3011 Be kind to your family. There is a clip, a man is tired, before entering the house, smoking a cigarette in the car. At this moment, he belongs to himself, opens the door and brings the best gentleness to his family. Many people are on the contrary, polite to strangers, polite to colleagues, bad temper and bad habits are left to their families, stupid.