Is Huang Yi, whose first marriage was framed and his second marriage shot up, and destroyed by his ex husbands, is he OK now?

 Is Huang Yi, whose first marriage was framed and his second marriage shot up, and destroyed by his ex husbands, is he OK now?

After seeing her photos, netizens also praised Huang Yi, 43, whose state is simply not too good.

Speaking of her, our first impressions may be the domineering Li Yuhu in shangcuo bridal sedan chair and the unruly little swallow in huanzhu gege 3. They are sweet and full of vitality.

However, with the failure of Huang Yis two marriages, all we received were the negative news from her feelings and the unlimited slander of her two former husbands.

As a result, even she herself often ridiculed her good hand is poor.


Love at the peak of career

Its the best memory of my life

In 2001, Huang Yi was thoroughly praised by a novel getting married in a wrong sedan chair. Her roles of Li Yuhu and Nie yuans Qi Tianlei have become classics of the times.

The two sweet people in the play are actually a couple of lovers off the stage. Even Nie yuan can play Qi Tianlei or Huang Yis affectionate recommendation. After the love affair was exposed, they knew each other in the drama. It was when Huang Yi rubbed against the class that they made love sparks.

Unfortunately, after only three years of love, Huang Yi and Nie yuan broke up peacefully. When asked about the reason, the two men freely admitted that their personalities were too similar. They often quarreled with each other until they could not get along with each other.

This point can be proved by the crew of getting married in the wrong sedan chair. The two people often quarrel during the filming process, and even their makeup and hair are messy. They have to ask the makeup teacher for help.

Although this love did not go to the end, but their feelings for each other are always there.

Nie yuan is the same. After many years of breaking up, he can still freely mention the dishes Huang Yi taught him to cook on the program. After his Yanxi strategy became popular again, he was willing to go all the way to give Huang Yis first live show platform.

But it is a pity that Huang Yi started the marriage road of getting married to the wrong man in the wrong sedan chair after the happy relationship with Nie yuan ended.


If you go to the wrong sedan chair, you will marry the wrong man

After breaking up with Nie yuan, Huang Yi and Yang Yi, the boss of a real estate company, had a long-distance love affair for five years. When they were about to get married in 2009, the news of Yang Yis cheating broke up decisively.

Not long after that, Huang Yi, who was injured, married Jiang Kai, a financial figure, and then quickly left a month later.

Some people say that their personalities are incompatible and their marriage life problems frequently lead to divorce; others say that Jiang Kais business failure always leads to the breakdown of their relationship with Huang Yi. But in any case, Huang Yis first marriage was an ignominious end.

Even after the divorce, Jiang Kai still declared to the public that the biggest regret in life is to meet you, the happiest life is to leave! To guide the public to blame Huang Yi when they dont know the truth.

When it comes to marrying Huang Yiqing, its because Huang Yi is pregnant.

When she was young, Huang Yi suffered from pituitary adenoma. Doctors said that it was very difficult for her to have a baby because she took medicine for a long time. So when she learned that she was pregnant, Huang Yi married Huang Yiqing regardless of family and friends opposition.

But its also a nightmare for a desperate marriage. In 2014, Huang Yiqing tweeted that he had separated from Huang Yi, and said that he had grasped a lot of evidence of Huang Yis infidelity, which pushed Huang Yi into a abyss. Since then, the two have also begun a seesaw battle over the custody of their daughter.

Huang Yiqing spread a large number of black material of Huang Yi on the Internet, released large-scale photos of Huang Yi, and rumored that her private life was chaotic. It was not until 2017, under the courts judgment, that Huang Yi got custody of her daughter, ending the nightmare.

However, during that time, Huang Yi was consumed with all his precious time and reputation as an actress. Advertisers came to claim compensation from her, and TV dramas came to break the contract. Just as Huang Yi himself said, my acting career is over..

Fortunately, she has the responsibility and courage as a mother, and has won the victory in the long-term battle. Although her career is stagnant, her life with her daughter continues.

In 2019, Huang Yiqing was arrested for spreading false statements on the Internet, and he was sentenced to 15 years for selling contraband goods, which is also regarded as a vicious retribution.

Incorrect marriage view

When it comes to Huang Yi, in addition to the beautiful love with Nie yuan, the two marriages both ended in failure, and the ending was so unbearable, in fact, there are traces to follow.

Marry for the sake of marriage

Huang Yi is a real Shanghai girl, but since she was born, she seldom meets her parents who work in other places. So she is extremely rebellious and always makes trouble. She hopes to get the attention of her parents. She finally comes to her mother and learns that her mother has come back to divorce her father

Therefore, Huang Yi has never been a mothers love, and his father is more unable to express love. As a result, Huang Yi grew up in the loneliness of admiring others with his mothers love and his fathers support. He lacked love and lacked a sense of security.

So she began to yearn to grow up. She wanted to harvest love and set up a family through her own strength. However, Huang Yi forgot that she did not understand love and could not love.

As she said, her first marriage, and Jiang Kai, who had known each other for 41 days, was married for the sake of marriage.

Marry for the sake of children

In the second marriage, Huang Yi did not learn from the first marriage. Affected by her own illness, her desire for children has exceeded that of ordinary people. In addition, influenced by her native family, she is full of obsession with what she wants, and she cant wait or hesitate because she is afraid of losing.

So she was desperate to get married again, and this time it was for the sake of children..

She regards marriage as a good medicine to save herself, but she never thinks that wrong marriage is a chronic poison. She regards some processes and nodes in her life as the things that women must complete, but she doesnt learn to choose a good person.

Fortunately, after two failed marriages, Huang Yi has finally learned what love is and how to be a mother. He has learned to reconcile with his childhood and his parents.

Once my dream was to have a home. Now I have a home. Please remember that you are always the first strength and the last harbor for children.


So what is the right view of marriage? I believe a thousand people have a thousand views, but the essence can not be separated from these three points.

1. Marriage is not a haven, nor a place for a lifetime

Marriage cant avoid your risk, and a bad marriage will increase your pain.

Dont regard marriage as a destination, but create a harbor for marriage.

2. The right view of marriage is inseparable from the two feelings

It is said that marriage is not like love. It is only a matter for two people. But the basis of marriage is love. Only love can have a future.

Dont marry for the sake of marriage, dont marry for children, please marry for love.

3. The correct view of marriage is sustainable and looking forward to the future

For women, marriage is indeed the most important thing in life, but it is not the only important thing. We should welcome it with expectation, but we should never have obsession for marriage.

Because marriage is never the only pursuit of a woman.

At the end:

A good marriage can give you happiness, and a bad marriage can also be a beacon to your happiness.

Happiness is an ability, not luck.

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