Liu Tao: how sad is the death of his father

 Liu Tao: how sad is the death of his father

In the early morning of September 15, Liu Tao wrote: when you feel powerless, is it time to think? Should we park? Should we escape? Or what to do? If, like an onion, one layer at a time, I can only find that, in the end, Im different only because I have courage. Fans have a message to comfort: dont think too much, hug you.

At 17:00 p.m., Liu Tao sent a reply: my family and I are very good, and many marketing numbers have begun to follow the trend and spread rumors. And explained the reason of feeling before, because of the fathers death, late at night, some sentimental.

Im sorry, because my father died. I feel sad at night, which makes us worry and guess. Thank you for your care and encouragement. My family and I are very good. I also thank my wife and family for their company. Let us embrace each other more firmly. We just saw the hot search. Many marketing numbers started to follow rumors. Please respect them rationally. Dont spread false information. The lawyers letter will also be sent Ladies and gentlemen, please give me space. Thank you.

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Liu Tao and Wang Ke first met in the elevator, Wang Ke was deeply attracted by Liu Tao, so he launched a crazy pursuit, in the fierce pursuit of Wang Ke, Liu Tao finally agreed to love, so the two began to fall in love. Maybe its because they are too deeply in love and too much in love. After a short period of 20 days in love, they entered the marriage hall.

Her husband, Wang Ke, went bankrupt because of the failure of his business, which resulted in huge debts. Due to the huge debt on his familys back, Liu Tao returned to the entertainment circle and began to make money to repay the debt. Later, in a program, the host asked why Liu Tao insisted on helping her husband pay back the money. Liu Tao also gave a domineering response. Her answer was only eight words because he is my lover.

Liu Tao source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952

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