Zhang Ruoyun accompanies his wife to have a baby meal. After gaining 10 jin, Zhang Ruoyun throws 20 jin of meat

 Zhang Ruoyun accompanies his wife to have a baby meal. After gaining 10 jin, Zhang Ruoyun throws 20 jin of meat

On September 16, Zhang Ruoyun posted a weight chart on social media, saying that she once put on ten pounds, but now management is successful. Thank you for your concern. Just get used to it Looking at the data in the picture, he quickly lost 20 jin. He teacher is in the comment reply pat you feel, is thin.

On August 2, Tang Yixin shared her daily life for the first time after giving birth to her baby. She shared a short video of herself doing a handstand on social media and wrote, resume clock in! Tang Yixin is wearing a set of black fitness clothes, is practicing handstand, action standard, a look is the standard fitness master. In the video, she is slender and slim, and has completely recovered to her prenatal state.

In contrast, Zhang Ruoyuns figure management is far from Tang Yixins self-discipline. During Tang Yixins confinement period, Zhang Ruoyun often posted food photos on social media to bask in her cooking skills. Netizens joked that she couldnt tell who was in confinement for a while.

Looking back on their love, although low-key, but the relationship has been very stable, love as before. Although the outside world has always questioned the two peoples love, they are often reported to break up, but eventually they will break through. In March 2019, a well-known blogger took out of context the scene pictures of Tang Yixins Basha night activity, saying that he winked at other male artists, and was rebuffed by Zhang Ruoyun: are you eating enough? Many netizens praised Zhang Ruoyuns behavior, saying men just want to be tough.

Zhang Ruoyun eat month meal fat ten jin, recommend daughter nickname called cherry? Zhang Ruoyun response: whats the hobby of Hus nickname? Zhang Ruoyuns response to Bai Yulans failure to win the prize: will strive to come back. Tang Yixin shares his daily handstand fitness in his chair for the first time after delivery. Its very self disciplined. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019

Zhang Ruoyun put on ten jin after eating the moon meal