Stars mourn for the little ghost Huang Hongsheng little s Luo Zhixiang heartache cant believe it

 Stars mourn for the little ghost Huang Hongsheng little s Luo Zhixiang heartache cant believe it

According to Luo Zhixiangs best friend, in 2007, he was recorded in the Eighth National Congress of the Communist Party of China. Luo Zhixiang first entered the toilet, and then Xiaogui and a common friend Xiao Fang went in to have a drink. Because he did not know that Luo Zhixiang was also in the toilet, Xiao Fang first said: there are many fans of piggy! But the kid said, but his fans have no temperament. This sentence made Luo Zhixiang very heartbroken, because he heard his brother speak ill of him behind his back. Now he was in a struggle whether to come out and ask him directly. Finally, he decided to directly ask the kid what do you say about the girls who like me?. I didnt expect that the kid was embarrassed and didnt recognize it. Xiao Fang said it, and Luo Zhixiang asked him again, what do you say?? Scared the kid to say Im kidding! Luo Zhixiang, on the other hand, debunked: you said superficial, and said, I shed tears in the toilet. I didnt expect that I was so supportive of you. As soon as I went to the toilet, what I heard was... OK, I recognized it. The recording atmosphere suddenly exploded. But the kid still insists on just joking, my friendship with you, do you think Ill do this to you? Piggy reluctantly nods to say can, 2 people also knot knot knot in this respect.

After the news came out, Huang Hongshengs friends sent articles to mourn for him

Huang Hongshengs good friend, Yan Ya Lun, who once played the role of ultimate class one together, also sent a mourning article, writing: ghost, Im sorry, I didnt get together with you often, but thank you for taking care of me and ghosts in thunderbolt MIT. Im very sad. I hope youll have a good trip with rip.

I cant describe how painful I am, said Cheng Lin Yang, who once had his first love and good friend, for Huang Hongsheng. Hong Sheng is like a family member to me. I really cant accept the news. His good, I will always remember, also please remember his hard-working, serious, talented appearance. I will miss him forever.

Just now, kid friend s also used: heartache! Two words express the feeling of pain.

Huang Hongsheng dies