After the ship capsized at 1.5m depth, the comatose soldiers died 76 days after rescue

 After the ship capsized at 1.5m depth, the comatose soldiers died 76 days after rescue

According to Taiwans United News Network on September 16, during a joint landing operation drill two months ago, the assault rubber boat capsized on taoziyuan beach in Kaohsiung, causing two deaths and one serious injury. In the accident, a seriously injured Sergeant relied on ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation equipment) to continue his life. At one time, good news came out that he could recover. However, the sergeants condition turned worse recently. He was extubated with the consent of his family members and was declared dead at 9:40 am on the 16th. The death toll from the capsizing of the assault boat reached three.

Taiwan soldiers launch assault boat landing training

Taiwans Marine Corps said that the hospital has made its best efforts to express its mourning to the families of the dead, and will make every effort to assist in the pension and funeral.

According to the report of the front desk media, the capsizing accident happened on the eve of the Hanguang 36 live ammunition exercise in Taiwan. Four people were sent to Zuoying Branch Hospital of Taiwan military Kaohsiung general hospital, and two died of invalid treatment. The joint landing operation drill held in Pingtung subsequently cancelled the landing landing course of assault craft and changed to aav7 amphibious assault vehicle drill.

In response, Taiwans Defense Department explained that the ship turned forward from the stern, and the officers and soldiers who fell into the water were choked by the sea waves in an instant, which made them unable to rescue themselves in time. As for the depth of sea water at the scene of the incident, Ma Qun Chao, deputy commander of Taiwans land command department, said at a press conference that the water depth was about 150 cm, which also caused an uproar among the personnel on the scene.

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