Being harassed to break through the wall and break into the door

 Being harassed to break through the wall and break into the door

New mother Katy Perry is more concerned about protecting herself and her family, according to foreign media reports.

On Tuesday, Sept. 15, the blast reported that pop star Perry applied to court for a restraining order against a stalker on the grounds of breaking into property and harassing his family.

Court documents obtained by the blast show that Perry applied for the restriction on a man named William Terry, who was found to have no permanent residence, living in a silver Buick. . Perry asked to protect her partner Orlando Bloom, their one month old daughter Daisy bloom, and Orlandos nine year old son Flynn.

In the petition, Perry said Williams latest harassment occurred on September 8. I dont know him at all. This complete stranger broke into my property, followed me and threatened my family. William went over the fence of my Beverly Hills apartment, and told her bodyguard that he wanted to go into the house and made sister fruit very worried about the safety of herself and her family.

As early as December 2019, William Terry tweeted a variety of threatening and sexually explicit comments, as well as photos of fruit girl.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Feng Xiaoyu_ NBJS12019