Story u00b7 Abstract | Fengyan bought it

 Story u00b7 Abstract | Fengyan bought it

Where is my phoenix eye? Grandma stopped in front of the table, give me Phoenix eyes, I want to eat Phoenix eyes. The more you speak, the faster you speak, the more urgent you speak. Only these words are repeated in your mouth.

Grandma is confused.

Grannys throat gurgling, itching tight. Phoenix eye. She held her throat and read it softly. Jiasheng was focusing on it, and her eyes were measured and did not leave the drawing paper.

Grandma suddenly got up and walked slowly out of the house. Where are you going, grandma? Jia Sheng raised his voice.

Jia Sheng stood in his place and held the painting tightly in his hand.

Speaking of it, my mother was also a famous beauty in all parts of the country when she was young. Can my father go after my mother My father was pounding the dishes with his chopsticks on the dining table.

It was dusk. My grandfather rode by the stream and saw grandma beating her clothes with a mallet on the flat rock in the distance. In spring, the water is a little cold, and her hands are red in the wind.

Grandfather came down from the horse, his eyes glued to her red hand and couldnt move it.

Later, he may have said nice words and done something moving. In short, he warmed his grandmothers hands and held them tightly in his arms. He did not let go for decades.

Jiasheng was stupefied for a long time, until his father knocked his bowl impatiently. Only then did an exciting spirit pull out from the memory.

Eat quickly, the father frowned. After dinner, you go back to my room and read and do homework. Dont always think about painting. Studying hard and going to a good university are more important than anything.

Jiasheng is silent. He wants to paint. Whether his family supports it or not, he wants to paint. He even thought jokingly that his desire for painting was the same as his grandmothers desire for Phoenix eyes, although he did not know what Fengyan was.

Grandma wants to eat the phoenix eye. She wants to eat it very much. He murmured.


I said, a angry Shen Dantian, grandma want to eat Phoenix eyes, very want to eat. This sentence is almost roared out.

He pushed the bowl away, got up and left the table. Me, too. He went on with the sentence just now and said that he wanted his parents to hear him.

They looked at each other. They heard it. They didnt understand.

Jiasheng dug out the old brush from the deep drawer and pushed the book aside. Without drawing paper or paint, he worked on the table and drew it in full.

Suddenly he heard the sound of footsteps, and Jiasheng put the brush into the drawer in a hurry. It was my fathers routine examination. Seeing that Jiasheng was holding a book in his hand, he immediately beamed.

Dad, what is a phoenix eye?

Ah, do you know what is phoenix eye? In the professional class, a student asked the students who were drawing, its my grandmother who wants to eat. She says its what the concubine eats.

The other side pondered for a moment and made a look of sudden enlightenment. His eyes were wide and round, and he read in a low voice: the concubine of the red world laughs. No one knows its litchi.

In early summer, when litchi was on the market, Jiasheng dragged a long plastic bag and beat his calf when he ran. After opening the door, his face was covered with sweat and could not wipe it. He called out loud to the inner room: the phoenix eye is coming, and the phoenix eye has bought it.

Her parents helped her out. Her turbid eyes suddenly became clear at that moment. Her eyes condensed into a bunch and burst out from the depths of her eyes like sunlight.

Jiasheng peeled it for grandma and put it into her mouth. Grandmas wrinkled eyes were closed together, her mouth, whose teeth had already fallen out, moved slowly. Her throat trembled, and she sighed, Phoenix eyes, Phoenix eyes...

Father suddenly patted the forehead: Oh, when my father was young, the litchi he brought to my mother was called Fengyan. This phoenix eye is opposite to longan. My mother was reluctant to eat at that time, let me and my father eat. Ah, good boy, how did you think of it

The father choked and was speechless.

Jiasheng helped his grandmother to the balcony. The sky was blue, and the sun was sinking in the West. He dyed a corner of the sky golden.

Over the years, he has been trying to pave a colorful road for himself with his brush. Regardless of his familys support and appreciation, he was determined to take this road.

When he stepped on it, he never wanted to look back.