Why do women say no in their mouth, but they want to? Psychological analysis

 Why do women say no in their mouth, but they want to? Psychological analysis

I said, its OK, and I, Ill take care of them.

Well This I want to go back to the countryside.

Not only that, they are also the most duplicity people on the planet. If you ask her, wife, what would you like to eat at night?

But when you put the food on the table, she will stare at you innocently and ask, why eat this again?

Well Not casually!

Of course, its more difficult for them to worry when they dont know what theyre saying. I remember that one year when gold inlaid jade bracelets were popular, they wanted to send them to her on her birthday, but the price was high. I thought we should discuss with her and choose the style.

Unexpectedly, she said directly, no, how vulgar, others also wear.

Fortunately, I was resourceful, and hid a gold inlaid jade bracelet in advance.

Because of this, she later became my wife. From the first meeting to the present, we have gone through 12 years together.


However, for men who have been in love or married, there should be a consensus in their hearts, that is, when women say they dont like it, they may not really want it when they say no.

Even, very much.

Then why do they often behave as if their words are not true and their hearts are true?

This is from our grandmothers grandmothers grandmothers grandmothers grandmother That generation said, er I mean, women have this element in their genes.

Because they are eager to be understood and loved by men.

The soft part is also the most vulnerable part, so they instinctively protect themselves from being seen through.

At the same time, women have a deep desire for romance. They subconsciously think that if you love me, even if I dont say it, you should know it.

So there was Zhou Liangs girls mind you dont guess, anyway guess to guess, you cant guess.

However, from another angle, if you like a woman, she will go around with you. Men should be complacent (dare not speak).


In fact, womens mind is not so complicated. For them, love means to be loved.

All her tricks, but also hope to get a man more care, more understanding, just like she with you capricious, angry, must be hoping you can coax her.

If you do the same, she will have a sweet feeling in her heart.

It is said that girls are like cats. They like to ask for favors, and they love them alone. This will make her feel happy and happy.

When they face an object, or an action, and say no, they feel that it will be more pleasant for them to uncover the answer.

After all, theres no girl who doesnt like surprise.

Moreover, the girls psychology has a reverse difference, like Yi Nengjing in the elder sister who rides the wind and waves, always flaunts her girlish heart, but from the perspective of age, she is really not.

But this does not affect her to do something that only a girl would do. This contrast will make her feel happy.

Its all about it.


According to the Bible, women are mens ribs and a part of mens bodies. In other words, men and women have their own defects. Only when they fall in love and come together can they fill in such defects.

Therefore, love is always beautiful. Women like flowers, they are always beautiful.

In the relationship, women like the sense of ceremony, guess game, is the level they set, and enjoy it.

But in fact, all their attempts seem to be to put the elephant in the kittens schoolbag.

As a man, if you love her, you will be very happy and appreciate her careful thinking, because she still loves you and has the energy to hide and seek with you.

And, women are very simple, that point of mind is also transparent, as long as the heart, a glance can see through.

Unless, you pretend to sleep.


u00b7By Feng Xiaoyi

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