I took my boyfriend to the house at three in the morning

 I took my boyfriend to the house at three in the morning


Maybe Im a pretty girl. When I first fell in love, I always wanted to have something to do with my boyfriend. But my boyfriend was a bit dull and didnt take the initiative. So I became the active one. I deliberately asked him to watch the movie at zero. After watching it, it was more than two oclock in the morning. Then I made an excuse to say that it was so late that the school would not be able to go back, or open a room. He said that he could wait until the hotel Its already three oclock. I thought we had something to do with him in this high-end hotel this evening, but he was such a fool that he didnt bring his ID card. Finally, we left in a hurry.

However, I finally found a hotel which was not so demanding and made up for the night

@Burn your heart for warmth

We are college students. Im from Yili, Xinjiang. Hes from Qujing, Yunnan Province. After graduation, we went back to their hometown for development. Finally, both parents refused to leave. After two years of separation, we didnt contact each other. As a result, I heard that he was going to be engaged. At that time, I didnt know what he was thinking. He bought a ticket to his city. Because it was near the Spring Festival, the round-trip ticket took me a month After waiting for him for three days in Kunming, he didnt see me. He said it was useless to see him and couldnt be together.

Three days later, I went back to my own city. I thought that there would never be any intersection again. As a result, his parents couldnt bear to spend his sons sorrow every day. He came to me. Half a year later, he contacted me. One year later, we got the certificate. Two years later, we held a wedding ceremony. Three years later, we had a lovely baby. Although he worked in the south, I worked in the north Fang takes care of the children, but he is happy in his heart. We are finally together.

@Xiao ~ Xiao

Ive done the craziest thing. Now I think its funny. Because you dont love me, I almost jumped from the busy viaduct. Fortunately, he grabbed the crazy me in time. Later, I didnt get together. Now Im mature, I will no longer care about my life for anyone, so I can be qualified to be loved by others if I love myself.

@Orange flavor of you

Still remember for him regardless of life, do not eat or drink and parents quarrel for three days in order to marry him, later also he let me feel that the world is not worth it! The craziest and most regretful thing.

@Its not too late

Leave Beijing because of love, return to Beijing because of love.

@Xiao Zhou is very sleepy

For a person, came to a city, he drank a lot at 1:00 a.m. to take care of him. Finally, he quarreled and broke up on the main road at more than 1:00 a.m. his seamless connection girlfriends arrogance when he called me, until now I cant forget that I have never believed in love again, and its not good to make money by living hard.


For him to come to a foreign country more than 2000 kilometers away, listening to the language he had not heard, eating his unfamiliar food, watching him chatting with his friends and family, but I gave up, not because I didnt love, just because I loved too much.

He is not my lover, I have bowed to love.


When I was in college, I went to see him without telling everyone. When I got home, I found that I had ordered the wrong ticket. I had no way to get into the station. I had to go to the city only once and found a long-distance station. The power consumption of mobile phone was very fast, and I basically missed home.

The first time I met in love, I gave myself to him.

@Passing through your world

Just because of a video of my friend, I went to his city recklessly. Although the result is not satisfactory, but also do not regret to go this time. If I can choose, I dont regret it, but I definitely dont want to experience it again.


In order to lose all his dignity, I went to his home 900 kilometers during the epidemic because we often quarreled with each other occasionally. Her mother took part in the heart attack. I would like a fool to apologize to his mother and buy a lot of maintenance products.


Now we have been together for more than two years, with his company, very satisfied, very happy.


Because she a miss you, in the middle of the night to fly to find her, landing at 1:00 in the morning.

@I say I love you

After standing for six hours, the train went to see him in the field, with his own cooked food and two big bags of snacks! Then he went to his ex

@He was sick and kept eating

I had three classes a week for dating. At the age of 21, I played truant because of him. I was a good girl. This was my first love. Now we are 25 years old and ready to get married~

@Beauty, please call me Zheng Neng

@Mu Ziming

Once and a female colleague confessed, but did not answer, finished the next day I asked her, can I hold you? And then she hid and didnt hold her. One night under the light rain, I inexplicably want to disappear in the rain.


When I was shopping for a girl I like in high school, she was very stubborn, even she didnt admit that she had a good feeling for me. I bought her a crystal love, but she didnt eat it. I directly put the brand-new packaging into the garbage can in the classroom. I was also very stubborn and wanted to force her to accept it. Many times in this way, she won Now think about wasting money.

@Heart Xiangxi

I left my parents for the first time, left my familiar city and went to a strange place except him

In the middle experienced a lot of things, but finally we broke up, that is my most unforgettable love, until now I still often appear in my dream


It should be when we were together for three months. One day, he said that he didnt have the key. I took a taxi for 40 minutes in the evening to give him the key!


She likes running and eating meat, and she runs ten kilometers a day. After I met her, I gave up my night friends, took her to eat meat everywhere every day, and then ran with her at night, sent her home in the evening, and watched the stars on the rooftop. Now I am ready to be engaged.


I broke up with her for half a year. With her in less than a year, that time completely lost her self, betrayed her family, lost her friendship, sent her various jewelry perfume, and emptied her shopping cart for her. She wanted to open SUV and bought her the most wanted Chevrolet Chuang cool. She said she wanted to go abroad to celebrate her new year and took her to Koh Samui. She wanted Mac to give her one after birth, and what she had changed. I want to say that I am a fool in love. I dont know love. Well, lets let the lost go. My heart has already been calm.

@Nerve inheritor

We saw a couples dress on the Internet, so we bought it and agreed to wear it together in PE class. Clothes to the next day there will be physical education, I wear, and then students asked me you abnormal ah, do not wear school uniform. I said it was a couples outfit. You single dog didnt understand it. I was very happy at that time. But when my girlfriend went to the playground, I wanted to cry. Yes, she didnt wear it. Im going to

Finally, I would like to tell you: probably everyone will have a stage of crazy for love, desperate for love, to do crazy things, to unswervingly defend their own heart that good.

However, I hope you can keep your sanity at all times, so as not to do something you regret.