Park Xiurongs figure is amazing. The black tight skirt cant cover her full figure

 Park Xiurongs figure is amazing. The black tight skirt cant cover her full figure

Park Xiurong chose a black tight dress this time. Although there will be some worries before she wears it, I really worry about the effect of her wearing it. The overall feeling is not too brilliant. The black tight version of the dress has adopted several popular design techniques recently. The first one is the right angle collar, which is not very desirable for the girl who is thin in the upper part and has flesh in the lower part.

The second is that the body of the tight skirt adopts pleated design. Compared with the flat fabric, the pleated style is more conducive to covering the flesh, especially for the people with small belly, it has a very good covering effect. From the short skirt, we can see that her flesh is big and long legs, which is different from the common bone feeling beauty. Park Xiurongs beauty is a little bit domineering and sexy, which is very European and American style, which is very in line with the international aesthetic requirements.

Park chose a two-piece piece piece that also embellished her figure. The top adopts yellow and Black Plaid top, low collar and right angle shoulder design, showing a full figure, giving full play to its own advantages, full of femininity. The short and tight version can cover the meat and bind the meat. It is easy to concave the waist without elastic fabric. Shoulder foam sleeves increase the overall temperament, so that she has become a queen more confident.

When the corn perm turned into long straight hair, park Xiurong also changed from a retro sexy girl to a modern urban beauty, dazzling. Different from the above dark color, this time she chose a set of sea salt flavor blue tone, fresh and bright. Lets take a look at this top first. The right angle collar and shoulder pad bubble sleeves are in the right place for the latest trend. Because of the pleated and ruffled design, the short garment looks rich in layers and has a strong sense of design. The most important thing is that it is very tight and looks tight, but in fact, it is very skinny.

This time, she chose to wear short and long at the bottom. A slit straight tube skirt made her elegant and atmospheric. If she was matched with a wide hair band, it would make people feel that she was a lady of the Republic of China. Although Park Xiurong is a little rich in the straight tube skirt, because of the split design of the side, the originally breathless skirt becomes light and elegant. Of course, this has a lot to do with her choice of tie-in slippers.