Looking at the height of 158 bloggers, the French style is elegant

 Looking at the height of 158 bloggers, the French style is elegant

The pleated design adds more details and the fabric is glossy, so it doesnt matter if the color is low-key. The combination of smart pleated long skirt and lazy sweater in autumn and winter is elegant to the bone. For small people, the umbrella skirt has a certain sense of expansion, which will move peoples sight down. Therefore, the skirt should not be too big. The combination of top depth and bottom depth can ease the heavy feeling of the lower body, and it can also show a stronger aura.

As a girl should have a princess dream, fairy sweet dream yarn skirt should be few people can resist, gentle apricot than cool black, pale white more noble and elegant, with it with autumn cashmere sweater, every move is gently shrouded, in order to give yarn skirt solution, it is recommended to match with neutral color jacket, or neutral style shoes, it will look more atmospheric and durable u3002

No matter what style of dress, the blogger Xiaojiao will choose the length a little above the ankle, which covers the thickest part of her legs, and emphasizes elegance and femininity through proper skin exposure. Casual denim skirt with knitted polo shirt, hair band and belt has a bit of retro Hong Kong style in 1980s and 1990s, but it can switch instantly when changing into white shirt and Panama straw hat It has become a French style light mature style, full of elegant intellectual charm.

In the classic French style, it is always inseparable from the elements of flower and wave point. If you feel that you cant control it well, putting these elements in the lower part of the body is the safest and conservative way to wear. At the same time, it is a classic French style to match them with clean white shirts and small square heels. Bubble sleeves and generous collar are also a major feature of French wear. The combination of top and skirt is usually matched in contrast color , and then you can easily adjust the proportion through the corner of the plug to make it look high and fashionable.

Autumn is coming, you can also try to wear a gentle T-shirt like a blogger, slim a little bit more elegant and feminine, but if the figure is not so good, you can choose a loose T-shirt, and the color is as contracted as possible to ease the bloated feeling. Remember to choose a nine point length with jeans, or pull up the leg a little bit, so that the ankle is more light and high.

Small girls remember to prepare a pair of high-heeled shoes for themselves. The heels need not be too high for walking. They can be worn at work and in some formal occasions. They are upright and elegant, and can help you improve your aura. Especially when you wear a suit, you can wear high-heeled shoes, and you can also perform the vigorous and vigorous style of big women.

Dont talk about the small persons lack of aura in dressing. Look at her 158CM tall. As long as you find a suitable style and piece, you can be beautiful and elegant even if you are not tall.

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