Chinas response to us criticism of claiming sovereignty over other countries territory along the Sino Indian border

 Chinas response to us criticism of claiming sovereignty over other countries territory along the Sino Indian border

A: in todays era, countries should deepen mutual understanding and promote friendly cooperation. However, it is a pity that some senior US officials, out of the zero sum Cold War mentality, have ignored the basic facts, violated the norms of international relations and the basic principles of diplomacy, and used every opportunity to wantonly slander and discredit China and stir up relations between other countries and China. China firmly opposes this. We urge the US side to respect the facts and the truth and stop smearing and fabricating rumors.

Since the founding of new China for more than 70 years, China has never initiated any war or conflict. China has always adhered to the principle of respecting historical facts and settling disputes over territorial and maritime rights and interests with neighboring countries through negotiation and consultation, so as to maintain regional peace and stability.

Chinese border guards patrolling the Sino Indian border. According to Xinhua news agency

With regard to the border issue between China and India, China has always advocated finding a fair and reasonable solution acceptable to both sides through peaceful and friendly consultations. For some time, the two sides have held many contacts and talks at various levels in an effort to find a peaceful solution to the border issue. China and India have the ability to properly handle the border disputes between the two countries through bilateral channels. They do not need any foreign countries to dictate, let alone accept their interference and provocation, thus endangering regional peace and stability.

The so-called accusations of predatory economic behavior and technological theft in China are groundless. For a long time, China firmly upholds the multilateral trading system and the open world economy, and is a builder of world peace, a contributor to global development, and a defender of international order. Chinas contribution to world development is obvious to all.

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang and other issues are purely Chinas internal affairs and have been widely recognized by the international community for a long time. China does not accept any outside interference. We urge the countries concerned to abide by the UN Charter, norms of international relations and international law, abide by the relevant agreements and statements reached with China, and stop using interference in Chinas internal affairs as a means to achieve their geopolitical goals.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and India. Over the past few decades, the important enlightenment from China India relations is that we should adhere to the strategic guidance of the leaders of the two countries to bilateral relations, strengthen mutual trust and cooperation, properly handle differences through dialogue and consultation, and realize common development. Both China and India are big developing countries and emerging economies, pursuing independent foreign policies. We believe that China and India have the ability and wisdom to properly handle bilateral relations and jointly safeguard regional peace and stability.

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India said to take pre emptive measures at the border

Beijing issued a statement to the Indian government on September 2 that pre emptive measures should be taken along the border between China and India. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying responded at a regular press conference on September 2 that the Indian sides statement does not attack itself.. She also pointed out that the two sides are maintaining communication through military and diplomatic channels.

A reporter asked that recently, the Indian Ministry of foreign affairs and Ministry of Defense issued a statement saying that due to the timely action, the Indian army took preemptive measures on the South Bank of Bangong Lake, successfully preventing Chinas unilateral attempt to change the status quo. During the incident, Chinese soldiers approached the Indian army in a military vehicle. There was a verbal dispute between the two sides, but there was no physical conflict. The Indian army has deployed troops in four highlands on the Indian side of the actual control line. What is Chinas response to this?

As the Chinese saying goes, there is no silver here for 300 Liang. Hua Chunying said that the Indian sides statement of not fighting against itself fully proves that the incident is the first of the Indian armys illegal cross-border provocation, the priority of unilateral change of the status quo in the border areas, and the priority of violating the agreements and important consensus of both sides.

Hua Chunying pointed out that since this year, India has repeatedly violated the agreements and important consensus of the two sides in the western section of the Sino Indian border, unilaterally using force to change the status quo, undermine peace and stability in the border area, and lead to tension in the border area. Undoubtedly, the responsibility lies entirely with India. China has exercised great restraint to prevent the situation from expanding.

Hua Chunying said that at present, China and India are maintaining communication through military and diplomatic channels. China urges India to strictly restrain the front-line forces, immediately stop all provocative actions, withdraw all illegal personnel crossing the line, and immediately stop any actions that lead to tension and complication.

It is hoped that India and China will face each other, earnestly implement the important consensus reached and agreements signed by both sides, and make practical efforts to maintain peace and tranquility in the border areas. She said.

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