Return to freedom is not a farce? Documents show Britney doesnt trust her father

 Return to freedom is not a farce? Documents show Britney doesnt trust her father

Britneys lawyers have just filed a complaint against Jamies motion to seal some documents in the custody case because she wants everyone to know. Britney Spears opposed her fathers request to appoint a lawyer who has been in charge of her business decision-making for many years. She wants an independent person to take charge of her business decisions. Britney argued that she had no medical or child sensitive issues to protect, so there was no reason to keep the hearing confidential.

The lawyer said, well Britney herself strongly opposes her fathers efforts to keep her legal struggle as a family secret in the closet Its far from conspiracy theory or what James (Jamie) said in the report. To a large extent, this is the reasonable and even inevitable result of James years of using confidentiality procedures to disclose as little meaningful information as possible to the public.

Britneys lawyer accompanied the legal documents with an article on the return of Britneys freedom movement, saying she was trying to revive her life. They said Britney Spears welcomes and thanks the support of many informed fans.

When Britney Spears divorced her ex husband in 2007, she was exposed to mental disorder. At that time, the court ruled that her father Jamie was her guardian and property trustee. At that time, some fans questioned that Britney was suspected of being controlled by her father and became a tool for her father to make money. Recently, many photos of Britney Spears have appeared on her social networking site that are not in line with her previous style. Netizens doubt whether Britney Spears has been forced to house arrest by her father again. Unwilling to become fans of Jamies money making tools, Britney Spears again launched the free Britney campaign in the hope that she would break away from her fathers custody.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788