Li Qin bravely challenges wine red mesh dress is still sweet

 Li Qin bravely challenges wine red mesh dress is still sweet

Although the wine red belongs to the red system, it is a little dark. Once the color is dark, it is easy to look old-fashioned. To avoid this, we need to pay more attention to the cutting. Li Qin added a waist retraction in the middle of this piece to show her advantages in figure. The hem was then added with a distinct layer. This kind of cake style cutting showed a sweet smell. If young girls want to challenge wine red, they still need to have a strong aura to give blessing, otherwise they will look old. The color must be carefully selected according to their actual situation

Wine red is a very unique color. After wearing it, I feel more sexy and charming. After watching Li Qins collocation, I think you want to try this color. There are many wine red pieces waiting for you, oh ~ then look down!

1. Velvet wine red dress is very expensive

Velvet material is quite advanced, and it feels very soft, wearing on the body will not bring too much sanding feeling. Zeng Keni and Ni Ni Ni are both very graceful and graceful. They can also outline their curvilinear beauty by wearing the wine red dress of slim fitting style. Besides, they also bring noble and cool colors when they spread out their hair. Because their colors are already very representative, its better to wear pure colors, and you dont have to worry about adding too many fancy elements

2. The wine red coat is warm in color

The weather is getting colder and the overcoat will come into use. The color of the wine red coat is a little dark in autumn and winter, but it belongs to the red department, so it will not be particularly dull. It can still be worn out with some delicate feeling. Sometimes you need to consider the seasonal characteristics of the season to highlight the strong personal charm with the color characteristics

3. The wine red dress does not drop the chain when attending the event

To attend some formal occasions, you cant miss the wine red dress, which can show the elegant demeanor of the goddesses. If you want to be different, you should pay more attention to its cutting and material. You and Ouyang Nana wear a Burgundy dress with tulle elements, which makes you more immortal. Tong Yao is wearing a shoulder, the use of cutting revealed a small sexy.

4. Bright red skirt

Wine red skirt is particularly eye-catching, better in color, it is suitable to use it with T-shirt or shirt, you can add more decorative elements such as dots, checks, stripes on it, especially eye-catching!

Wine red has its own unique charm, which is suitable for a wide range of people. After watching this issue of sharing, do you want to get wine red? Try it!

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