How does the sense of cheapness come about?

 How does the sense of cheapness come about?

At this time, friends will be very confused: how do you see it?

I thought, well, Id like to take this opportunity today to have a good chat with you about how the cheap feeling of clothes comes about. In this way, we can have more experience in buying clothes and seeing clothes.

Metaphor of clothing

Before I talk about cheapness, Id like to talk about the metaphor of clothing.

Everything has a metaphor. When you see something, the first time you think of it, it represents its metaphor.

The same goes for clothes.

When we see vagabonds on the road, their hair is braided, their clothes are damaged and stained with stains, we naturally associate them with them.

If we still think that the sense of cheapness is more abstract, we can start with its antonym high sense.

Most of the time we see high-end clothing, most of which are accompanied by some special, not ordinary occasions.

For example, high-end cocktail parties, such as the entertainment of business tycoons, such as the Royal costume and crown of the Renaissance, such as five-star hotel.

At cocktail parties and high-end social gatherings, most of the peoples clothes are of fitting shape, smooth clothes, highlighting body shape, and high-grade and textured fabrics. Therefore, those who meet the above conditions are easy to associate with high-grade is not cheap.

In fact, we need to analyze the high-level clothing from the perspective of how to fit in with our daily wear.

Fabric easy to form cheap feeling

This part mainly wants to talk about, from the fabric point of view, what kind of clothes are easy to produce a sense of cheap.

Now it is still in summer, lets take the common summer and autumn for example.

Pure cotton fabric without thick feeling

We all know that the advantages of pure cotton are good moisture absorption and comfort.

But the disadvantages are also very obvious: poor wrinkle resistance, poor tensile, easy to wrinkle and deformation after washing and wearing.

After wearing it for a period of time, either the collar leaks or the sleeve collapses. Besides, you dont like to hang it up after wearing it every time, so you throw it on the sofa. Next time you think about wearing it, you dont iron it. The pleats on your clothes are so much as pickles.

We have also talked about before that pure cotton is not guilty, but the transparent pure cotton fabric will give people a feeling of leisure, relaxed and informal, so we will not talk about the advanced sense.

After all, most people dont dress for the sake of creating a casual atmosphere in high-level social occasions.

How to avoid this kind of fabric?

If the grade is not enough, try to avoid slub cotton clothes. The trade name or details page will be marked.

If you really want to buy, try to choose a big brand with a physical store.

Look at the count when choosing pure cotton products

Its easy to see whether the fabric is thin and transparent when you buy clothes in physical stores. The washing label on the inside of the hem will also tell you the composition of the fabric.

If it is online shopping, you can pay attention to the fabric part of the product details page.

Generally speaking, high-quality cotton will be more type than ordinary cotton fiber, thickness and texture will be better.

When choosing, you should pay attention to the number of sticks (generally speaking, 80 pieces will not be a problem).

Or choose long staple cotton, horse cotton and other cotton fabrics with good overall texture.

Hanging ironing machine at home

If you know that you cant have an iron, buy a hanging ironing machine.

If you have a house, buy a household hanging ironing machine. If you rent a house or go on business frequently, you should prepare a hand-held hanging ironing machine.

Its the texture artifact of our group. Thats right.

Welcome the donors who have the hanging ironing machine to leave a message in the comments to explain the importance to those who have not yet bought it.

All polyester satin

Sounds like you havent seen it before? Actually, its not. You must have seen it and bought it.

It has a lustrous feeling. At first glance, it looks like silk

Polyester or 100% polyester is written in the column of fabric composition

These product details pages usually focus on the description of high quality, thick and glossy feeling, but they often ignore the problems of clothes made of these fabrics

Electrostatic phenomenon is serious, northern autumn and winter in the air-conditioned room can not wear

Although it imitates the appearance of silk and acetate fabrics, such as luster and draping, the physical and chemical properties are too poor. Sweat absorption and air permeability is very poor, think carefully, a little sweat, armpit and back on a wet, and can not be a short time to dry out, so how advanced? Moreover, the feeling of experience is greatly reduced

No matter how high or low the price is, all polyester satin clothes have a real sense of inferior quality. It is a feeling that the hands feel prickly and show their stuffing as soon as they are put on

Yes, look at triacetic acid

Triacetate, also known as triacetate, is a semi synthetic fiber with high-quality natural wood pulp as raw material. Generally, coniferous wood is selected as wood, which is a natural and environmentally friendly regenerated fiber, which can be regarded as the perfect replacement of silk products.

Besides, it is not easy to absorb dust, not afraid of moths, easy to wash and dry quickly. It can be said that it is silk that can be directly thrown into the washing machine.

However, it should be noted that many businesses will mark the composition of acetate fiber (acetate fiber) on the product details page or parameter page.

However, there are two types of cellulose acetate. One is called type 2 acetate fiber. Generally speaking, acetate fiber refers to type 2 acetate fiber, which belongs to man-made fiber, and the other is triacetate fiber with better quality.

Many businesses will take this fuzzy definition to play a word game. If you see it, ask as much as possible and pay attention to it.

In triacetic acid fabric, the higher the content of acetate fiber, the stronger the advantages, and the more expensive the natural price.

In fact, there are more than these two kinds of fabrics that are easy to produce a sense of cheapness. Because of the space, we should dig a hole here. If you want to see other seasons, you can leave a message with me.

Unsuitable clothing pattern

In addition to the fabric of the clothes, the pattern is also an important factor affecting the sense of cheapness. It is not to say that good pattern makers are few and expensive now.

When many donors buy clothes, they often stand in front of the mirror and look at it as if it is OK. As a result, they will only wear more and more problems. In the final analysis, they do not seriously consider the fitness of clothes when trying them on.

In the Korean drama Wei Sheng, when the man starts to work, he wears his fathers wide suit, which is not suitable. The sleeve length and looseness are very slow.

In the second episode, in order to make him dress decently, his mother spent a lot of money to buy him a brand-name suit. The spirit of the whole person was different. Shoulder was shoulder, waist was waist, and it was decent.

For clothes, too much waist slack, too little shoulder slack, limited movement when lifting hands, these are not good enough to fit.

For pants, hip line, seam and length are important factors.

Turn your head to see if the side and back are bloated or not,

In the final analysis, an important utility of clothes is to optimize the proportion, and when clothes can not fit the body, they can not serve people.

Many donors may have no idea of good fit. It doesnt matter. Follow your intuition. If the clothes make you feel uncomfortable, or the activities are very inconvenient, or the spirit is very low, the rate is probably the pot of fitness.

If you are not in a hurry, pull in one or two good friends to help you have a 360 u00b0 look, and you can always give some pertinent suggestions.

Here are three practical tips:

Dont grudgingly keep a slightly unsatisfied item (because its cheap or discounted)

When you try it on, you should not only look at the front, but also pay attention to the overall situation of the side and back

Before, the owner has specifically mentioned the steps of trying on clothes and taking notes. I will not repeat them here. If you want to see them, you can do your own homework.

Over designed products

In addition to fabric and pattern, the simplest and most direct lightning protection method is to avoid over designed products.

Why do we look back at the clothes we wore 10 years ago and think that they are low, rustic and not high-grade?

Probably because everyone has gone through the freedom of dressing stage from high school to university, they always feel that personality is just putting a lot of fancy things on their bodies, which seems like Im serious about dressing..

If we think about it carefully, from ancient times to the present, we think that the Zen, Muji and Morandi color system are mostly calm, natural, comfortable, open and large area blank.

So what is an over designed product?

In fact, if you look through the photo albums of junior high school and senior high school, you can basically feel it clearly.

For example, the excessive sanding of jeans, large scattered non theme embroidery, large area washing, different colors of hair collar and other elements.

If you dont have the matching skills of fashion bloggers, you should be careful,

In addition, we should be careful about the design of fluffy skirts, big bows and gauze skirts. After all, although young and lovely has a certain sense of girlhood, it is also one of the styles farthest from advanced.

Imagine that most of the occasions where you need to wear high-end clothes are not likely to choose these designs.

There are three simple lightning protection methods

Try to choose the basic style with good texture

It is not recommended to buy over designed products with low price, which will make the situation worse

You can pay attention to some bloggers who wear high-level clothing. If you want to see it, you can click watching. If you want to see more, I will open an article to talk about it

be yourself

In addition to the above mentioned three aspects of fabric, pattern and design, there is another point that is particularly important. I must emphasize that be yourself.

Let oneself and the clothing harmonious unification, the perfect self consistent, is avoids the cheap important link.

It seems that most of the cheap clothes and clothes are forced to wear. They have neither the temperament nor the spirit.

For example, in order to look dignified and steady, some young face donors wear mature coats that are not suitable for them and wear mature lipsticks that are not suitable for them. On the contrary, they are not as good as wearing warm sweaters and coats.

The most important reason is that what rural teachers do is based on their own principles and spirit. This kind of self-consistent atmosphere will not make people feel cheap.

Another example is that some girls will wear tight suspenders and hip skirts when they go to the street. Many people may have to say in their hearts its too disrespectful to judge her figure.

But when she was self-respect and self-confident, the dress immediately became self consistent.

Although this kind of dress contains the metaphor of exposure, there is also enthusiasm, unrestrained, bright and beautiful.

Clothing itself does not have much meaning. It is the designer, the wearer and the whole era that give more meaning to clothing.

Knowing your suitable color, pattern, style, principle and attitude of dealing with others, you can make yourself and your clothes complete self consistency to the greatest extent.

In short, be yourself..

Finally, Id like to make a brief summary.

The cheap feeling of clothes mostly appears in three aspects: fabric, pattern and design.

How to avoid the feeling of cheapness?

Avoid fabrics that are easy to form a cheap feeling, such as pure cotton fabric without thick feeling, and all polyester satin fabric

Try to avoid slubby cotton, pay attention to the count when choosing cotton products, always have a hanging ironing machine at home, and try to choose triacetic acid fabric

When trying on clothes, pay attention to the fitness, pay attention to the 360 u00b0 angle, and ask friends to help you judge together

Avoid over designed products, such as excessive whitening, large embroidery, washing, big hair collar and other elements. When choosing too young elements, we need to pay attention to brand and reputation

Find the best clothes for yourself and be the most confident yourself

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