Weng fan, 44, is also old. She looks old in plaid skirt

 Weng fan, 44, is also old. She looks old in plaid skirt

On the contrary, Weng fan, 44, is quite old. She is wearing a black and White Plaid Dress. This year, she is particularly fashionable with checked elements and has a retro flavor. However, this plaid skirt seems to be a little unfriendly to Weng fan. She is very fat on her body. Because her hair is covered, she has strong shoulders and no neck, and her legs are also very fat. Her legs and belly are very obvious. In addition, they are also matched A pair of Oxford Shoes, although they are very young and fashionable pieces, but 44 year old Weng fan is still old, fat and haggard, far less than Yang Zhenning spirit.

As a scientists wife, Weng fans dress is casual, and the taste of dressing is sometimes good. This black-and-white matching is also good. The black top and white skirt are very good. The five point sleeve is very good to cover the weight of the arm. The trumpet sleeve design adds a bit of sweetness. The skirt is knee length, which shows a lot of decency. The hair is pushed back a little to show human spirit More.

However, the most amazing thing is this little black dress, which has the charm of cheongsam. No matter whether it is a stand collar or a slit design, it reveals the flavor of cheongsam. At that time, Weng fan was still relatively young. This dress exudes the elegance and intellectuality of Oriental women on her body, and her face is also slightly shy, so she does not face the camera very much. Yang Zhenning is quite happy, holding his wife tightly and showing a satisfied smile in front of the camera.

Weng fans taste is really high and low. When its bad, people cant agree with her. For example, the dark blue dress with a large V-neck could have decorated the clavicle. The design of a white pleated hem on the hem is a bit abrupt. The waist of the whole skirt is too high, which looks like a pregnant womans skirt, which is nothing. The most important thing is the socks and shoes, gray black socks With the blue skirt, the beauty of silk stockings is not generally strange. Leopard shoes are the type of girlish feeling. The overall look is too strange.

Weng fan seems to like to wear these big shoes, especially when they are still in activities. The key is that these shoes are more lovely for children, but it seems strange to wear them like Weng fan, especially with black dresses. The lower part of the skirt is also an old-fashioned printing element. Talents in their early 40s are indeed quite old-fashioned.

After so many years of marriage, Weng fan is tired and old to the naked eye, but Yang Zhenning is becoming more and more energetic and young. In fact, a large part of the reason is that Weng fan cant dress up. If you take a little exercise and dress up, you will look young.

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