Bottom disappear dressing method! You cant help but know the dress rules ~

 Bottom disappear dressing method! You cant help but know the dress rules ~

The temperature is still high just after the beginning of autumn

Sooner or later, it is relatively cool again

The best way to dress at this time is

The bottom disappears

Hey, hey, hey, hey

Silhouette suit

This is also the most in the moment

Creating the sharp weapon of missing lower body

And its suitable for all shapes

Minutes to build long legs!

High heeled shoes + long legs of suit look

High heeled sandals can be great

So as to add a touch of feminine sexuality and elegance

Wear flat angle denim shorts inside

Both comfortable and elegant

Or choose this kind of waistline suit vacuum wear

Looming tight matching shorts

Pair with square sandals


With black high heels and pointed shoes

The most powerful female star is you!

You can learn how to wear it

The same suit of different colors

A casual leisure

A charming temperament

They all love it

Flip Flop Sandals

Its good for lengthening the legs

Build slender leg proportions

At the same time, it has charming and slender Achilles tendon

Even a black suit will look light

Pair with flat Loafers

Very suitable for daily commuting ~

Of course silhouette suit + boots

A lower garment with long boots and light black stockings

Let the whole persons neutral temperament more charming

At the same time, it doesnt seem bulky at the same time

On the contrary, it is more modeling

Boots for smaller girls

Can lengthen the leg line

The underclothing can be revealed at the same time

Its a perfect fit for a pocket

There are also the hot high barrel and thick soled Knight boots

Put on the handsome woman Knight immediately

It also has long legs

Leg skin exposure is just good!

Naturally, high-heeled boots are our favorite style

(one of them hee hee)

At the same time over the knee boots blessing

Super model Elsa performs sexy legs

Or no belt

Dont have a casual temperament!

All kinds of high-heeled boots and suits

Create the appearance rate of the bottom disappears

Its really high!

After all, its a shape with full marks

Who can not love? Who can miss it?

(going to the closet)

Except for high boots

Thick bottomed mid boot in recent years

It is also suitable for the suit with the lower body disappearing

Neutral and high

The bottom doesnt look heavy when it disappears

There are also black shoes + black socks

The academic temperament of literature and art

The most important thing is sports shoes + silhouette suit

There will be some mix and match feeling

But more street coolgirl feeling!

And the comfort will be better

Equipment for a day out!

It can also be worn with cotton socks

Create a retro casual look

(however, Jimei with thick legs may not try it easily

Its easy to look bloated.)

Great power is the bravery of art experts

Unique choice to match with hole shoes

Lead the new trend!

Or go with sports sandals

Sport casual shorts underneath

Its also a good choice

It can be interpreted in many ways

Whether its with cycling pants, long T-shirt, shorts

Dresses, suits, etc

Can create the feeling you want

A sense of fashion with no affectation

Jimei, lets get dressed quickly

Long shirt

The same goes for long shirts

The essential item in the bottom vanishing method

When Candice walked the red carpet

Let the whole person look incomparably tall, sexy and temperament

Long boyish shirt

Its like stealing your boyfriends shirt

Loose and casual and reveals a little bit sexy

It can be like Wuli Jennie

Tie a belt around your waist

While sketching out the waistline

It seems that two simple items can be instant

Let you have a fashionable and sexy look

After all, its Carrie from sex and the city

One of the classic features of the screen

More feminine with high heels

Emily also disappears the bottom of the white shirt

Wear two styles of leisure and temperament

With stiletto heels, you can really look elegant and funny

Hair all tied up, contrast silhouette shirt

It seems more neat and straight

Or Kylie in Alexander Wang

New silhouette shirt

Although its wrapped in a curve figure with concave and convex

But from her choice of high-heeled knee high boots

Add a touch of charm to the overall shape

Full of street vitality!

In fact, the lower part of my boyfriends shirt is missing

Have casual and unintentional sex appeal

Add a waistcoat

Warm and colorful

Hee hee

Sweater & Hoodie

Preferred casual sweater and Hoodie for daily wear

Just wear it with cycling shorts or denim hot pants

This is the most beautiful street!

When it comes to this kind of shape

Everyone will think of sister a

Often wear loose sweater & hoodie with over knee boots

Recently, however, she has also opted for sniffer

If worn with high heels or cowboy boots

Can also be handsome out of the street!

The bottoms of all kinds of vests are missing

Its also one of the most popular models for Hailey

Mix and match with high heels

You can also try it

The most comfortable

Theres nothing better than sniffer

Create the most chilly bottoms disappear!

In addition to these three categories

You can also choose different styles of denim jacket

As a piece to create missing bottoms

Graphic prints, checkered panels or solid color classics

If we want to be comfortable at the weekend, how can we come

You can wear them

As long as you avoid the problem of being out of sight

You can enjoy the disappearing look of the bottom