The first guide to autumn, fashion depends on these pieces

 The first guide to autumn, fashion depends on these pieces

Xiaobian thinks that the most fashionable season is coming

Why is autumn fashionable?

In a moderate temperature, fashionistas are free to play ~

Fold through piece? Or show your long legs!

Lets have a look with Xiaobian today


Cowgirl jeans boots

Sisters may be no stranger

Since last winter, this piece has come into our sight

However, this fashion continues to this year!

Private clothes are choosing cowboy boots to enhance fashion

Lisa loves this little choreography

Add cowboy boots to make the whole design add a trace of personality and handsome!

Real hammer for textbooks

Niya chooses Bohemian waistcoat with lace stitching shirt

This set of look is more hippie, with a 70s retro flavor. (I dont know how it fits with my boyfriend!)

Like Kendall, its easy to handle with denim shorts and a blazer

Can show beautiful legs again ~ take advantage of the most comfortable temperature to show!

The most classic matching method of jeans boots is still like xuanmei with loose jeans!

For the upper body, remember to choose a tighter version

Jeans boots with skirt is also one of the classic collocations

Whether its pure white lace skirt or printed skirt, silk skirt can be enhanced with jeans boots

Pair with suit and shorts for autumn

Cowboy boots more loose version also wont oppress crus super show leg straight

Fashion instructors urge everyone to learn!


Eye catching silk scarf!

At this time, we need to prepare new accessories to match the autumn style

Thats the silk scarf!

Speaking of this piece, this summer silk scarf is also one of the fashionable small items

In summer, hot girls choose to wear scarves as a bra

It can still be used now! How to match it? Watch it!

Xiaobian found that Yang Caiyu was really a scarves fanatic

She is good at using scarves to increase the level of modeling

Whether its a suit or a white shirt

Especially the classic Khaki windbreaker

Must have a silk scarf blessing!

Yang Caiyu used silk scarves on her body

Simple armpit Baoli carving, full of retro charm

Matching the silk scarf of the same color as the bag

Learn this, clothes only need simple basic items

Can easily stand out!

Some girls may feel that the scarves are more mature

Not really

You can tie a silk scarf to your head like Ouyang Nana

With a little bit of playfulness and taste

Add to the pan hair, there is more French style

Baotou look is so cool

The aura doubled immediately

Simple and elegant style is the best choice!


Comfortable sweater!

Its time to wear a sweater again

I believe everyone will have a hoodie in their closet

It is not only convenient and comfortable, but also can concave a lot of shapes

Power elder sister also love the sweater too, feel Yang Mis wardrobe has about 100 pieces of vests!

Show your beautiful legs! I admire it

Tang Yan and Wu Jinyan both match shorts

Nabi goes with this years ultra red plaid pants

Thats a good fit for a good student party

Remember to match a pair of comfortable sports shoes below!

Its also fashionable to wear with cycling pants

All in all, its just showing your legs

The sports houdie can also be worn directly with a full range of sweatpants

Go with an oversize suit

Leather + sweater = cool girl

The upper half of the body comparison style look, the lower half can match some tight piece, and then use a pair of high-heeled bare boots to lengthen the leg line!


There must be a hat in autumn

Warmth and fashion

The knitted hat full of street sense has to be mentioned!

But never fade out of fashion

Basically, a star has one, and any kind of outfit can put on a knitted hat

For example, Lisa wears a simple sweater and a knitted hat, which makes her feel like a hip-hop girl

Similarly, Wu Xuanyi also chose a sweater with a knitted hat

Now you can actually wear a knitted hat this day

Match with printed T-shirt like Qin LAN

Wear a pair of plain sunglasses

Create a cozylook

Jennie is more active on the street

Simple collocation without brain

Croptop can match!

Originally some small sexy collocation also instantaneous Street leisure

Airport styling essential

Knitted hat is also a favorite item for boys

Whether its functional wind, leisure sense, or with leather clothes are no problem!

Buy a knitted hat for you and your boyfriend! Perfect for couples

Yibo with Hoodie is too boyish!

Skateboarding Youth Online

After watching is not super cardiac der!

Go to the closet and see whats missing

See you next time