Gulina Zhas maintenance secret is open

 Gulina Zhas maintenance secret is open

Smooth and tender,

It doesnt show up in the face of fairies.


And among the many female stars

The facial features are exquisite, and the appearance is high,

Her skin is also envious of others!

The skin is excellent, white and transparent!

But in the end, what secret do female stars have for their private maintenance?

Why dont we take a look at Nazas skin care five steps!

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Many people have sensitive skin,

Especially during the season change, the skin condition will be more unstable,

Easy to appear allergy, redness, peeling dark problems.

Gulinaza also said in her sharing:

Im a sensitive muscle myself,

Lets take a look at the sensitive muscles she shares

Seasonal maintenance tips!

1. Key points of sensitive muscle maintenance!

Gulinaza shared that the three most important points of sensitive muscle maintenance are calming, moisturizing and moisturizing.

Compared with the normal skin, the sensitive skin,

We should pay more attention to product selection

Whether the ingredients are suitable for your skin type.

It is mainly used for moisturizing and repairing skin,

Simplify functional skin care products and avoid other unnecessary ingredients,

So as to reduce the skin burden.

2. Special maintenance steps mark!

Now the climate is in late summer and early autumn,

But there is a big temperature difference between morning and night,

The residual temperature of summer exposure will also make

Its easy to have red and peeling skin problems!


We need more special maintenance procedures to combat the special climate.

Gulinaza shared that:

If your skin has been exposed to the sun,

I will apply the ampoule repeatedly in the process of bottling,

Use a little more, get up the next day will be very good

The effect of reddening can be alleviated.

If you feel your skin is dry after wearing makeup for a day,

Before going to bed, it will also use cream texture products.

Cover it up as a good night mask and go straight to bed.

Get up the next day after this

The skin will feel full of water, elastic, tender and smooth.

Skin moisturizing steps,

Although you need to wear makeup all day the next day,

Peeling and mottling.

Finally, make up a key point for you!

If you want to change your face and become gulina Zha,

Reduce skin burden.


Collocation with ampoules and gel texture cream.

It can help our skin moisturize and lock water at the same time

We can also learn how to add skin care products!


Thick cream texture products

Can also play the role of sleep mask, strong water replenishment.

If the fairies are sensitive to dryness during the season change

When the skin is easy to turn red

You cant have the same look of Naza,

White to luminous skin!