The 15-year-old girl is popular on the Internet, dressed in fashionable clothes and has a half blood face

 The 15-year-old girl is popular on the Internet, dressed in fashionable clothes and has a half blood face

This summers most popular item, then it must be this French style short sleeve top. The French style has two main characteristics. The first feature is the bubble sleeve, which is designed with shoulder pads. On the one hand, it can perfectly cover the flesh. Many adolescent girls have more meat on their arms in the development stage. On the other hand, they can cover it perfectly. On the other hand, they are broad The sleeves on the vision can make the body look more slender, super thin.

The second feature of the French jacket is the wide square collar. Like the V-shaped collar, the square collar is more sexy. The V-neck pays more attention to making women look more attractive through the sense of extension, while the square collar directly displays the lines of collarbone and shoulder neck, which is more suitable for girls who are more confident in their own body. The little girl is so cute.

Every girl has a dream of princess in her heart. Therefore, dress is also a favorite item for adolescent girls. When girls choose to wear a dress, material and color are very important elements. For example, this kind of elastic material in the picture will make it more comfortable to wear, and it has a certain shaping effect. It is extremely thin and bright red, Its more like a girls skin.

At one time, many women thought that the lattice element looked more rustic, but now, with the popularity of JK culture, the lattice element has become very popular, and not only in JK skirt, but also in daily dress, lattice element is not rare. In the picture, this set of dress is yellow and black Plaid Dress, yellow is closer to Asian skin color, so it is more than some bright color color color Perfect for everyday wear.

2u3001 Soft and comfortable for autumn

In many areas, the temperature has gradually decreased, you can choose some more suitable autumn coat to wear.

Although the weather has turned cold, but I believe that skirt lovers still want to wear a beautiful small skirt, this time might as well go with a suit coat, with a new coat to match the skirt to pay attention to the color selection, can form the best overall feeling with the skirt.

Knitted cardigan coat is gentle and playful, and knitting is also a more versatile element. Whether the lower body is matched with a small skirt or a denim jacket, it is very matching. However, when a sweater is used as a coat, the matching with the inside must be considered. If there is a suit of the same color, it is best.

3u3001 Warm and sweet winter wear

Warm is the most important thing to wear in winter. Although many people advocate style instead of temperature, good health is the key. In addition, many items can take into account both temperature and style. For example, the milky white fleece coat in the picture looks fluffy and feels super warm.

Little girls not only can match, even make-up are very good, and the facial features are also very atmospheric, after painting, there is a bit of mixed blood temperament.

Her face is super soft and glutinous, and she bumps into her face, which is quite similar. However, some netizens say that she looks like Jennie, but I think her face is more like, or Ella is more like. Nowadays, girls in their 10s are too smart to dress up. They are more fashionable than adults.

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