The more popular the product, the more I want to scold!

 The more popular the product, the more I want to scold!

This summers most popular variety show (my self styled sister riding the wind and waves is finally coming to an end. Now Im just waiting for the group night broadcast on 9.4!

(some of them are beautiful by this group of ink paintings)

(photo from sister riding the wind and waves)

This variety show not only let us see the charming charm of 30 + women, but also let us know more about the female stars present.

Qiqizi, in particular, at first you thought she was beautiful and domineering. Later, she learned that she was simple and honest.

(photo from sister riding the wind and waves)

When you are immersed in the image of her simple and simple tiger, it gives you a slap in the head, telling everyone: I am very sober! Im a real power group, not only by her popularity! Rathby!

As sober as qiqizi is, there is elder sisters tranquility

(photo from sister riding the wind and waves)

In the last issue, serenity stood up and said:

Artists want to do art, not to sell people, not for a long time!

The two are real and sober. I dont know if the stars who dont have any works and like to hype the setting up of people will feel slapped when they see this.

As a matter of fact, I can understand the issue of star setting. What do you mean, such as learning to bully, upright, beautiful, and eating goods

These are to bring audience popularity and dividends, and also a means to let people remember you immediately. However, if you set up a person who does not meet your requirements, you should be prepared to be eaten back at any time while reaping the bonus.

Similarly, the skin care industry is the same. You can advertise and set up your own personal settings. But if the real effect is far from reaching the effect of publicity or bad face, word-of-mouth collapse is also a matter of minutes.

Therefore, today, the assistant wants to show you some skin care products of selling human equipment and making art!

Seller set up group

Lets start with a group of sellers. This kind of product refers to that the advertisement is so loud that its said that its huge and huge and easy to use. Its just like a tigers operation. When you look at the record, its 0.5

Of course, it is not to say that advertising is not a good product. We should treat it rationally. What I mean here is that the efficacy of product promotion does not match the material object or money. We only rely on the overwhelming amount of advertising to drive sales, which is what we commonly call heart to heart propaganda and foot to product.

01 fanmi Lin ladys ointment

(see watermark for image source)

The first thing to mention is that among Lang Jie, fanmi Lin, who claims to have won the exclusive naming right with a capacity of 4000W. (it seems that doing wechat business is really making money)

At the beginning, I thought it was Sanwu product, but I didnt expect that they had put on record. That day, I went to search for the price

1200uff1fuff01 40gs cream is 1200 yuan? Its you, really lady cream! Claimed to be able to repair skin, delicate and smooth, oh? Is this the secret of ladys smooth skin?

Lets look at the ingredients~

(photo from the beauty cultivation APP)

Ah, well, fanmi Lin mentioned that there are several rare and precious ingredients in the product. It seems that only ginseng extract can be used to talk about it.

The hydrolyzed placenta extract looks very mysterious. In fact, it doesnt have much effect. Other ingredients cant be called precious and rare. They are all common ingredients in the market. The formula process does not need any skills. The ladys exclusive feeling-1 (I think)

Since the ingredients are general, lets take a look at the texture.

(photo from Little Red Book @ a west blue flower fa & Peach Oolong water)

As for the texture of bean curd residue, it cant be removed and pushed unevenly. Later, I saw the official saying that it was to open it and pat it gently.

Its not appropriate to spend 1200 yuan on a plain cream that may cause dull acne and turn white. As for the real skin feeling, you can see yiyizi (disliked by face. JPG)

02 spring rain eggplant cleaning mud film

(photo from xiaohongshu @ maomaoyo)

To tell the truth, I have no opinion about spring rain home. I love it, but I really want to smell it.

Fire is the real fire. Some time ago, all the agents in my circle of friends were selling them. A sweet potato was highly praised (I was also planted in this way) but it was hard to use and it was really difficult to use!

I, a wall of a mixed oil city, have no reaction to the high concentration of a alcohol skin. I thought I would never meet my opponent in my life, but it, eggplant mud film appeared.

(photo from xiaohongshu @ maomaoyo)

Small pudding package, dream taro purple, good push spread evenly, after the face will not feel tight pull dry, the first time on the face, I almost thought I met true love, until after washing face can see the scum man.

(Im not exaggerating, but there are colors.)

(photo from xiaohongshu @ missuna)

The cleaning power is almost 0. After washing, the face is red, itchy and spicy. When the face is dried, there is color on the washcloth. I thought it was not cleaned, but I washed it again with clean face. Its amazing. It can dye people into Dou Erdun.

If it is to let me wash my face a few more times in this way to achieve the cleaning effect, it is unnecessary!

(photo from the beauty cultivation APP)

To tell you the truth, before I looked at the ingredients, I always thought it was not very clean. Maybe it would be more suitable for sensitive muscles. Then I looked at the ingredients and found that things were not good.

(photo from the beauty cultivation APP)

There are several kinds of ester alcohols which are easy to cause acne. In addition, there are large walnut shell powder particles in the mud film. When washing, the friction is serious, and it is easy to cause skin pulling. In short, sensitive muscles escape!

Digression: if you like this kind of pudding style cleaning mud film, you can try VTs centella mud film. Although the cleaning power is not very strong, at least, Im not allergic (manual smile)

03unny makeup remover

I remember that there was a period of time when the UNNY brand was very hot, eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and loose powder. Basically, there was one explosion. Ten beauty bloggers shared their love and nine had their home products.

In fact, the color make-up of its family is OK, there is nothing to step on thunder, but this bottle of makeup remover is really Hin hard to use!

Theres no problem with the ingredients. Its just that theres no special makeup remover. Theres nothing harmful to sensitive muscles. Its very mild. Ill admit it, but I have to admit that the makeup remover is poor.

(the picture comes from this account, please indicate the source of Reprint)

Its make-up removal power is probably a little higher than water. Can water not be mild, my friend? Used to remove the usual sun protection, a thin layer of bottom make-up can barely do, big and heavy makeup do not even think about.

04 Lancome swan neck Mascara

(see watermark for image source)

This is really an old net red. From my college fever to the present, a unique swan neck brush can be distinguished from other common mascara brush heads.

The official name of this elegant swan neck is designed to fit the eye radian on the top of the eye, and it is not easy to rub the eyelids, including Mascara itself, which is also anti - halo, and is mainly durable.

(photo from thirty only)

Wang mani painted this on the day when she met the sea king on the yacht. I was so excited that she could attract more gold and romantic sea king!!

However, geese, in fact, is not as I wish. I did not attract the sea king with it, but rubbed my eyelids. Moreover, its cream is wet and thick. If you brush it, the eyelashes just clipped will collapse down, and then you will get dizzy and take off makeup

(see watermark for image source)

Texture, I feel heavy, but reasoning, repair cream is so thick, like a heavy cream, but still better push away, after pushing the skin absorbed, the face will feel a layer of grease film, quite comfortable.

But I personally recommend to sensitive muscles or skin problems as a repair use, healthy oil skin sisters usually do not use, easy to stuffy acne pinch.

02 Xiu Li Ke RBE Night Essence

(the picture comes from this account, please indicate the source of Reprint)

I dont need to say much about this. In fact, I would like to recommend many of its products, but Im afraid you think its an advertisement HHH.

Today, we say this, Xiu Li Ke RBE night essence, repair antioxidant effect for those who often stay up late, too cattle!

(photo from the beauty cultivation APP)

(the picture comes from this account, please indicate the source of Reprint)

Moreover, its texture is completely unaffected. The dry skin, oil skin and mixed skin around Amway are all used, and none of them feel uncomfortable. Basically, all skin types are smooth and silky, light and easy to absorb. No one will say a word after using it, cow!

The disadvantage is that there are no shortcomings, easy to use and effective. If you have to say, its really a little expensive. Its difficult to renew a cup. I cant afford to stay up late.

03 Ganoderma lucidum fresh water

(photo from Little Red Book @ Tu Wei MAO)

(photo from the beauty cultivation APP)

The main ingredient is Ganoderma lucidum, which can promote the production of collagen and skin metabolism. It can also bring a little bit of anti-oxidation. Besides, as we all know, there is a talent skill that can help the skin relieve some redness, swelling and acne, which is very friendly to acne muscles.

Texture will slightly thicker than ordinary make-up water, after all, the essence of water, the face slightly sticky, fortunately, the absorption rate is relatively fast, the effect of replenishment is very good, followed by normal skin care steps until the second day, the face will be moist water.

However, there is a saying that I used it in the early spring, and I thought it was just used. Later in the summer, I would feel a bit sticky, so I changed to other water. Therefore, I would recommend dry skin or oil mixed in autumn and winter.

04WEI blue beauty mask mask series

(the picture comes from this account, please indicate the source of Reprint)

It will be recognized by accident. It has got its summer gift box. There are sunscreen and smear mask in the gift box. I feel good about sunscreen, but I really love hin.

It is also a kind of mud film for small pudding packaging. It is clean and hygienic. Moreover, it can be divided into several kinds, each of which has different effects.

Double bright sugar mask: exfoliating, bright skin, fine silk slippery.

Bee venom polypeptide mask: moisturizing, wrinkle resistant, delicate and soft.

Roar, the above is the content of todays article. To sum up, no matter what the product is, famous or small, easy to use is the king. While doing a good job in publicity, we should also pay more attention to the product!

Finally, a new favorite recently received -- LOreal Qixi gift box ~ (thank you LOreal bully)

(the picture comes from this account, please indicate the source of Reprint)

The packaging is really cute. There are four different color LOREAL sucking sticks foundation liquid + a cute love lunch box + a bunch of low card snacks.

(the picture comes from this account, please indicate the source of Reprint)

(the picture comes from this account, please indicate the source of Reprint)

Spicy, thats all for today ~ 886~

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