I really want to invite Park Xiurongs stylist to save your love bean

 I really want to invite Park Xiurongs stylist to save your love bean

Of course, park Shuxian himself also has a face and body that can enter the entertainment industry. Feel it:

Lets take a look at my sisters works

Her modeling style for male stars shows the male temperament through simple pieces:

And park Shuxians most representative modeling work is the perfect Park Xiurong!

Therefore, under the modeling of Park Shuxian, park Xiurong does not simply follow the so-called female League style, but has a variety of styles. Sometimes retro, sometimes lagirl, sometimes sexy, sometimes dark.

There will even be such a style with a larger female owners feeling:

Praised as having the beauty of fruit juice, she usually paints a clean and clear base make-up, and her skin is delicate and white, which is the so-called Shuiguang muscle. Not only that, park Xiurongs make-up has a sense of atmosphere, and there is a clear distinction between occasions. To compare the next stage:


It can be seen that the stylist has a special understanding of Park Xiurongs facial features, and to determine the focus of makeup. Park Xiurongs face is very small, the atrium and lips are slightly larger, compared with the volume of the eyes will be weaker. Therefore, weakening the eye makeup part, strengthening lip makeup and blush, will achieve a visual balance on Pu Xiurongs face.

This style of modeling and eyes are not big enough on the eyes crazy output of color make-up on the contrary. Imagine that you cant portray the eyes as hard as you can of a man with big eyes. So its better to turn it into a feature, let this part match with the facial features, more harmonious.

As a result, you will find that park Xiurongs color is particularly bright, and the area of color is larger than other artists. This is also an important factor in the formation of her fruit juice beauty.

However, if this kind of heavy color makeup is not matched properly, you will become a flower in the village from Park Xiurong. So you need to remember the following points:

1 tone / contrast

In the overall color must be unified or harmonious. If you are a novice, or are not sensitive to color, then choose the same blush with lipstick, or even lip gloss directly, so as to achieve a unified color.

If you prefer a brilliant style, you can make the color of your lips and cheeks match with the overall color. For example, if you wear blue clothes, you can use orange color; if you wear gray green, you can use dry rose color This will make your makeup look more sophisticated.

2. Halo dyeing technique

Unless you want to shoot a magazine, or never let the color block on your make-up face form a clear-cut lump. Edge must be halo dyed, not only can make your make-up more soft fog, hazy texture, but also can make the makeup feel lighter, will not suddenly look very impact.

So what do you need to do to achieve this kind of halo dye edge invisible effect?

The first way is to directly blush after the make-up, then use the sponge egg to dye the edges, so that it can be integrated with the bottom makeup, and then go to the makeup.

The second way is to get blush on the normal order, with lilac purple blush or a highly transparent halo with polarized light, which looks very natural.

Do you have the urge to send your hand to a stylist?