Praise sexy network red hot discussion! Luo Zhixiangs response: its none of your business

 Praise sexy network red hot discussion! Luo Zhixiangs response: its none of your business

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Luo Zhixiangs dancing video: its meaningless to just practice dancing (source: Netease Entertainment)

In April this year, Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing broke up. Due to Zhou Yangqings breaking up articles and various kinds of revelations, Luo Zhixiang was deeply involved in the scandal, and soon praised the sexy beauty, which was suspected by many netizens that he would never change his mind. He feels that his negative disturbance has passed, and he can interact with the beauties happily.. However, some netizens said that the beauties at the end of the copywriting had AI te Luo Zhixiangs brand, perhaps for the promotion of its catering brand.

After breaking up with Zhou Yangqing, Luo Zhixiangs image has plummeted and his career has entered a period of stagnation. However, there have been rumors that he will return. On September 2, Luo Zhixiang posted his own dance practice video on the social platform, and wrote: brother is just practicing dancing. Theres no other meaning. Dont mess with the subscripts.. Suspected denial of resurrection rumors, lets not think about it.

Luo Zhixiang ins likes the red sexy photos on the website? Butterfly Sister Kaile was silent in May. Luo Zhixiang was humiliated several times after playing golf for four months. Editor in charge of Netease Entertainment: Xu Meiyu_ NBJS11310

Luo Zhixiang ins likes red sexy photos