Civil servants report that they get more than 200000 wages: I havent worked for 13 years

 Civil servants report that they get more than 200000 wages: I havent worked for 13 years

In Lingling District of Yongzhou City, Hunan Province, Chen Jingyun is no doubt an unwelcome thorn.

I havent been working for 13 years. Recently, 59 year old Chen Jingyun once again reported himself in his real name. He once served as secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Qilidian sub district office of Lingling District, head of liaison group and member of Party group of sub district office.

He seems to have come to punch the card. On September 3, the staff of Qilidian Street office gave such a reply.

Chen Jingyun has been working without leaving. Some time ago, he sent us a short message and said something... The reporter called the relevant person in charge of the Organization Department of the Lingling District Committee and received a similar reply.

As early as 2014, Chen Jingyun was intensively concerned by the media, setting off a heated discussion on the issue of empty pay. Now, after six years of silence, Chen Jingyun turned to the old account again and made a high-profile report again. Why?

Chen Jingyun, 59, was interviewed on the cover news on September 2, talking about his life of going out of his way, his way of reporting, and his worries about the future.

Did Chen Jingyun go to work? It seems to be a mystery.

I didnt type my work card once this year, but it can be investigated. On September 2, Chen Jingyun insisted to the cover news reporter that he did not go to work and had been eating the governments empty pay.

On the morning of September 3, the reporter called Chen Jingyuns work unit, Qilidian sub district office of Lingling District, Yongzhou City, to inquire about Chen Jingyuns on-the-job situation. He seems to have come to punch the card. Answer the phone staff told reporters that Chen Jingyun in the six major campaigns, three brand groups, should be on duty. At the same time, the staff also confirmed that they need to punch in fingerprint every morning. If he comes to work, he must have clocked in.

Ill check it again. He told you about it, but he didnt reflect the problem to us. He said that he still has no pay at present Lingling district Party Committee Organization Department of the relevant responsible person said that its re verification of the situation and then to the reporters reply. But as of the time of press release, no relevant reply has been received.

The party concerned surrendered to the media and insisted on his own words with the employer. Did Chen Jingyun go to work? They will emphasize that I always go to work. If it is found out that I did not punch in (record), they may say that I am in hospital, I am ill and need to rest at home, or that I have to take care of my son, etc... For the employers response, Chen Jingyun seems to be no surprise.

The Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the sub district office asked me to punch in from tomorrow. On the afternoon of September 3, Chen Jingyun was interviewed by the street office, and he told reporters that he would go to the street office to type his work card on September 4. This is the first time he clocked out this year.

According to Chen Jingyun, he doesnt go to work and receives his salary.

Why 45? All this has to come from a conversation Chen Jingyun had with the head of the local organization department when he was 45.

What is change from non official? Change from non leadership means that leading position is changed into non leading position. According to the standard of whether or not the civil servants undertake the leading responsibilities, the civil servants are divided into leading posts and non leading posts, which was promulgated in 1993. The civil servant law of the peoples Republic of China, which came into force on January 1, 2006, continues to apply this provision.

According to the newly revised civil servant law, the past expression of non leading position has become history, replaced by the parallel operation mode of post and rank. The non leadership post is transformed into the rank of post, and the rank sequence of civil servants of comprehensive management category is defined from high to low as: first level inspector, second level inspector, first level researcher, second level researcher, third level investigator and fourth level The results of the reform have been consolidated by law as investigators, first level chief staff members, second level chief staff members, third level chief staff members, fourth level chief staff members, first level staff members and second level staff members.

Im now a level Four researcher. Chen Jingyun told the cover news reporter that according to the relevant policies, he has been studying for 15 years and has solved the treatment of deputy division and four level investigators.

Chen Jingyuns surrender is not the first time.

As early as 2014, Chen Jingyun had a fire. At that time, he claimed that he had cheated the state of more than 200000 yuan after seven years of empty pay, and pointed the spearhead at the problem of some grassroots officials in Lingling District of Yongzhou City, causing national media attention. Chen Jingyun was interviewed by various major media.

Now in the network search, you can still find Chen Jingyuns various real name complaint letters. In Tianya community, Chen Jingyun registered his account at 8:31 a.m. on June 9, 2014, and published five posts on that day, which shows that he is fully prepared for reporting. He published 10 posts before and after. Among them, there are two articles widely mentioned by the media: a self confession from grassroots cadres and as long as a corrupt official can be sent to prison, I am willing to go to prison first.

In June 2014, he reported that Lingling District of Yongzhou City had changed its taste and was a political achievement cosmetics by openly reporting its real name on the Internet. In 2015, he once again made a public report in his real name on the Internet. Two general cadres of his unit ate empty pay and retaliated against himself. In 2019, he also reported that some public servants in Chaoyang Office of Lingling district were paid empty

What are the reasons behind this? Chen Jingyun replied to the cover news reporter on wechat, first, I reflected the problem of empty pay to the organization and media, and Lingling district didnt need to answer the question with facts; second, I was beaten in the street and smashed in my home after reporting, and the case has not been solved so far. I am worried about whether there will be more problems between me and my family one day Sixth, I am now seriously ill, and I am in danger of death at any time. If there is no statement on the problems I reflect, after my death, other people will have different opinions on the motives of my report, and some people will even slander me...

I am very sad! What was wrong with me! Why do leaders and some people who have no pay treat me like this? I cant think of it! Chen Jingyun said, since 2014, because the problems have not been solved and the retaliation has not been dealt with, he has always lived in fear and always worried about unexpected disasters. Therefore, he has become more sick and old, and he often has tears in his face at night. He doesnt know what to do now and in the future.

His son is Chen Jingyuns most worried person. It may also be one of the reasons why he chose to make a high-profile report after six years of silence.

Chen Jingyun once sent a post the leader of Yongzhou, my son and I cant live anymore, referring to Chen Shunbin, a son with severe mental illness. The son was born to Chen Jingyun and his first wife. After the divorce, he married again and had a daughter. According to the Beijing Youth Daily, Chen Jingyuns remarriage was relatively peaceful, and he temporarily gave up his report on empty pay. However, due to the eldest sons problem, Chen Jingyun, who lived in his wifes house, was eventually driven out of the house. Helpless, Chen Jingyun moved into a set of affordable low rent housing for him by the office to temporarily settle down. Here, Chen Jingyun began to focus on petitions and reports about the empty pay of local cadres.

Many people dont understand Chen Jingyun. Some people say that he is a psychopath and a rare flower in a thousand years. They say that there must be something hateful about a poor man. Some people question that he made a fortune by petitioning for help..

There are doubts and there are voices of support. Mr. Chens above remarks are not groundless, I think... The replies of these netizens are still available.

Perhaps he was tired. In September 2014, Chen Jingyun also said: I dont want to report any more.. At that time, in an interview with the morning news, he said, I feel a little tired. Ive done what I have to do, and one day Im going to deal with the problem of government workers being paid empty.

Now, time has changed Chen Jingyuns mind again.

Reporter: if you continue to report, will it affect your social relations? Do you have any friends in Lingling district?

Chen Jingyun: there are friends, but some people who are afraid of being implicated dont want to contact me. After all, I influence his official career and promotion, but some retired and retired people are willing to contact me. There are also some people who report problems to me and occasionally encounter me. He is not willing to directly look for me or call me. He knows where I am walking. If he meets me, he will say hello to me and tell me about some people. He said that he still supported me and felt that what I said was true, but many of them were also afraid.

Reporter: are you worried about your son now? What would you like to do with your son in the future?

Reporter: are you not afraid to lose all of your income if you continue to report the problem of empty pay? Once there is no income, what about the future?

Chen Jingyun: he wants to give me a reason to stop my words and give me a written reply. If I had been paid without permission, I would have been dismissed in accordance with the principle. Im not alone in Lingling district. I may have seven or eight thousand yuan a month, but I havent made so much this year. I get more than five thousand yuan a month. More than 5000 yuan seems to have been sent in June, but other money has not been received. If they give me the following, I am willing to take the lead and return the money to the country.

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Cadres claim to be paid 200 thousand yuan in 13 years