Mulan in North America to lift the ban is highly praised! Film critic: epic masterpiece

 Mulan in North America to lift the ban is highly praised! Film critic: epic masterpiece

At present, Mulans action is not called the epic of Mulan.

Some film reviews of Hua Mulan

The San Francisco Chronicle: an uplifting film that didnt come out as planned, but it came at the best time.

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Hua Mulan releases a new notice

Indiewire: perhaps the best example of original mixed with new things, Mulan CI has always been a grand story about being your own power in a world not ready to accept the true self, and a legend that may resonate for thousands of years. In Nicky Carrolls Magnolia, the story moves forward gracefully and forcefully, conveying the classic message of the moment.

AP: Hua Mulan has more good aspects than bad ones. We should also be glad to have gorgeous and inspiring war movies suitable for children. It may even inspire some children to be interested in Asian films, which is the best result. But sometimes its time to give up blind loyalty to animated films, because it prevents the birth of greatness.

Movie nation: I like the animated version of Mulan, but the best I can say about the new version is that its beautiful enough to be worth seeing. No matter what kind of market research or script regulation they have done, I want to see something more intentional, better action play, at least a little fun.

Boulder weekly: a lot of action plays without humor, no songs.

Variety: some people may complain that every frame doesnt look original enough, but they cant deny that the film is too compelling!

The playlist: Hua Mulan is an epic story of growing up. It is grand, spectacular and exciting. Its a triumphant film. Its a film full of feminism. It proves that the boys are wrong. She can be loyal to her heart, and she can bring glory to her father and become proud. It may sound simple, but the director, Caro, has produced an amazing sense of hierarchy, creating a grand fairy tale in terms of color, outline and shadow.