Taiwan and Czechs joint show is reprimanded: who will pay for 89 people coming to Taiwan on China Airlines special plane?

 Taiwan and Czechs joint show is reprimanded: who will pay for 89 people coming to Taiwan on China Airlines special plane?

According to the United News Network, Tsai ing ing Wen met with Czech Senate President westerkir in the presidential palace on the 3rd. She said that after these days of exchanges, Taiwan Czech relations have become closer. In his speech in the Legislative Yuan a few days ago, westkill said, I am a Taiwanese and touched many people. We will not succumb to oppression, but will also speak up bravely and take an active part in international affairs.. On March 3, westkill held a press conference with Wu zhaoxie, Taiwans foreign minister.. He said that the Czech Republic has the right to determine how to interpret the one China position, and the visit does not involve political and official positions. He believes that Taiwan and Czech will have closer economic and trade cooperation. When asked by the media whether he would promote the friendly Taiwan Bill after his return to Czech Republic, he responded that, as a legislature, the Senate has no power to formulate Czech foreign policy or initiate relevant amendments. The Central News Agency noted that Czech foreign minister petzheck said that the visit of the Senate President would not affect the relations between Czech Republic and the mainland, and there was no change in Czech China policy. Many media believe that the Czech Republic has challenged the one China principle, and the mainland will certainly let it pay the price.

Chen Zhiwen, a senior media man in Taiwan, said frankly that the interaction between Taiwan and Czech is a show that has been brewing for a long time.. According to the China time electronic news, the three memoranda of cooperation signed by Taiwan and Czech are not signed by Taiwans Minister of economy Wang Meihua and the Czech speaker of Parliament, and the Czech speaker is not the Czech president and has no executive power. He said that the trade volume between Taiwan and Czech is only 800 million US dollars a year. He has never seen an international visiting delegation come to 89 people in one breath, or the special plane of China Airlines carries them over, who will pay? What is the purpose of this show?

Behind Taiwans success, the United States is manipulating it secretly. Zhu Songling, director of the cross strait Institute of the Taiwan Research Institute of the United Nations General Assembly in Beijing, said in an interview that in response to the US Secretary of state pompeios recent attack on the mainland in Europe, westkill deliberately led a delegation to visit Taiwan, on the one hand, it alienates the two sides, on the other hand, it creates trouble for the mainland by playing the ideological card.. Zhu Songling said that such an approach is not appropriate, especially since the Czech Republic has formal diplomatic relations with the mainland, and the current Czech President Zeman has good relations with the mainland. According to the China times, trump will continue to use Taiwan in order to win the election. In addition to being a pawn of us geopolitics, Taiwan is now being used as an election assistant. I am afraid it will be more and more difficult for trump to resist the demand of the US side and will pay for it. At a time when PLA military aircraft frequently bypass Taiwan and cross-strait relations are increasingly tense, Tsai ing Wens authorities should consider what kind of cross-strait relations Taiwan wants, according to the United News Network. Im a Taiwanese is not the blessing of Taiwanese people, although it is in the heart of the green camps big internal propaganda, but it also increases the risk of high-level misjudging the international situation.

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Czech speaker Xiu Chinese says I am Taiwanese and Taiwan legislators applaud

President of the Czech Senate, westercher, led a delegation to visit Taiwan. Today (1), he led members of Parliament to deliver a speech to the legislative body of the Taiwan authorities. He quoted former U.S. President John F. Kennedys I am a Berliner in West Berlin in 1963 and stressed that he claimed to express his support for the Taiwan people. Speaking of this, westkill said I am a Taiwanese in Chinese, and the legislators of the government and the opposition immediately burst into applause.

Westkill led a number of members of the Czech parliament to the legislative body of the Taiwan authorities today and delivered a speech. The legislators of the government and the opposition of the Taiwan authorities mobilized to show welcome and salute. At the end of the speech, you Xikun, head of the legislative body of the Taiwan authorities, threatened that westkill bravely led a delegation to visit Taiwan under Chinese diplomatic pressure, which was admirable. You Xikun also claimed that Westchester said that Taiwan is a de facto independent and free country, and his support for Taiwan was moving .

However, the people of Taiwan did not buy westchs confusing operation of suddenly showing Chinese. Many netizens make complaints about the news. It is Czech people who shout that they are Taiwanese. Are there any things? Dont show off! Then why dont you establish diplomatic relations with Taiwan if you love Taiwan. Some netizens said, have you ever thought about how much Taiwan people have to pay when foreigners say this sentence? Here comes a US Secretary, Tsai ing Wen, who forces Taiwanese to eat clenbuterol! Another Czech speaker, Tsai ing Wen, wants to force Taiwanese to do or eat. More netizens criticized this person, crazy? Its disgusting to show too much!

In response to the visit to Taiwan by Czech Senate speaker westercher, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said at a regular press conference on the 31st that the Chinese government and the Chinese people will never listen to the Czech Senate Presidents open provocation and the Anti China forces behind it, and must let them pay a heavy price for their short-sighted behavior and political speculation.

We urge the Czech authorities concerned to take immediate measures to eliminate the bad influence of this erroneous act and avoid damaging the overall situation of bilateral relations between China and Czech. Zhao Lijian stressed that he also warned the Taiwan authorities and the Anti China forces behind westkills visit to Taiwan that their actions could not change the fact that Taiwan is an integral part of China and that any political manipulation would create Taiwan independence u201dAll attempts at separatist activities will not succeed.

According to the official website of the Chinese Embassy in the Czech Republic, on August 31, Ambassador Zhang Jianmin made solemn representations to Czech Deputy Foreign Minister Trapa on the visit to Taiwan by the president of the Senate of the Czech parliament, westercher.

What is the speaker of the Czech Republic?

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According to media reports, a delegation led by Milos vystrcil, President of the Czech Senate, arrived in Taiwan on August 30. It is pointed out that there is also the support of the United States behind the visit. The Czech delegation will attend the forum held by AIT on September 4. The United States has a lot of meaning to win over the Taiwan authorities and the Czech Republic.

In spite of Chinas strong warnings and repeated dissuasions from the leaders of the Chinese government, what is the origin of the Czech speaker of parliament who insists on going to Taiwan and shouting I am Taiwanese in Chinese at the Taipei democratic representative office?

Its just the speaker of the house of Lords

In fact, it is not accurate to say that westkill is the Czech speaker. He is only the speaker of the Czech upper house.

The Czech Republic is a bicameral country with 81 seats in the upper house and 200 seats in the lower house.

Both the upper and lower chambers of the Czech Republic are directly elected. The term of office of the upper house members is 6 years, and 1 / 3 of them are re elected every two years; the term of office of members of the lower house is 4 years.

Although the Czech parliament imitates the U.S. Congress in terms of parliamentary composition, term of office and term change, the Czech parliament is more like the traditional European representative country in terms of parliamentary authority. The lower house is responsible for the main legislative responsibilities, while the upper house plays a more advisory and advisory role.

Westkill belongs to the Czech citizens Democratic Party (ODS), which was the ruling party or ruling coalition of the Czech Republic from 1992 to 1997 and from 2006 to 2013. However, its influence has declined in recent years. It won only 25 seats in the lower house election in October 2017, but it is still the second largest party in the lower house.

In the upper house, the party with 18 seats is the largest party, so since the change of office in 2018, the Czech citizen Democratic Party has occupied the position of speaker of the house of Lords.

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Why insist on stepping on the red line

While shouting I am a Taiwanese, westkill claimed that he inherited the value diplomacy of the late Czech President Javier.

Javier was the leader of Czechoslovakias Velvet Revolution, and his political force at that time was the citizens forum (of). In 1991, there was a split in the citizens Forum. The right wing of the Party led by V u00e1 CLAV Klaus, who later became the second president of the Czech Republic, established the citizen Democratic Party; the left wing of the Party established the Democratic Club (sdccf), which was gradually divided into various left-wing parties; the centrist established a political party called civic movement, which in 1996 was consistent with the old Czech tradition The party, the National Socialist Party (CSNS, the ruling party before World War II, but now has little status in Czech central politics) merged.

After the change, the citizen Democratic Party has become a more right political party than the citizen forum. It has abandoned the line of advocating European integration and instead advocated European skepticism, and showed obvious pro american color.

Regardless of Party tradition or reality, the partys chief figure sang highly of human rights diplomacy with China in the US and UK governments, especially in the parliaments of the two countries, while the US government and members of the Congress frequently played the Taiwan brand to touch porcelain.

However, it is not enough to understand the provocative behavior of westkill and the citizen Democratic Party on the Taiwan issue as instigated by the United States and Britain or caused by values.

Westkill is already the second speaker of the Czech upper house who intends to step on the red line.

In October of the same year, he announced his plan to visit Taiwan, which was opposed by President Zeman, Prime Minister babesh and speaker of the house of Commons. Zeman once fiercely criticized kubellas move as against the Czech national interest.

Six days later, kubela died suddenly. The hospital announced that the cause of death was acute heart disease. However, kubelas family, the citizen Democratic Party and westchl, who succeeded the speaker of the house of Lords, were clamoring. This incident made it inconvenient for Zeman, who has always been pro China, to put pressure on the party.

After that, with the advice of think tanks at home and abroad, westkill packaged the question of whether to visit Taiwan under pressure as a strange proposition of whether the Czech Republic and even the European Parliament can withstand Chinas intervention. This has also kidnapped the tone of public opinion in Czech and even European political circles.

Energy and direction

The citizens Democratic Party has never been reconciled to marginalization in Czech politics. In 2018, kubella tried to challenge Zemans re-election as president, but retreated before the election with a slim chance of winning. He and westkill both want to win the Czech presidential election in 2023, while the citizens Democratic Party hopes to retain the upper house and regain control of the lower house in the legislative election.

One third of the upper house will be re elected in November this year, while the lower house will be re elected next year. The sensitive Taiwan issue is actually a long-standing strategy of borrowing international hot issues to boost domestic election.

However, we can only see the immediate benefits, but not the long-term costs. We will only enlarge the costs. Westkills political show is destined to be so.

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