Batman male host Robert diagnosed new crown as Twilight popular

 Batman male host Robert diagnosed new crown as Twilight popular

Netease Entertainment reported on September 4, Beijing time on September 4, according to vanity fair, Robert Pattinson has confirmed that his new crown is positive, and the filming of his new Batman movie has been suspended.

Not long ago, the daily mail revealed that there was a crew member infected with the new crown, and the filming of the film just a few days after returning to work in the UK was suspended. Two hours later, Warner confirmed that a member of the Batman production team was infected with the new crown, and briefly confirmed the suspension of filming. As usual, the statement did not disclose the identity of the infected person, only that he was in quarantine as required.

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New Batman Trailer (source: Netease Entertainment)

And two hours later, vanity fair said another high-level source said that Pattinsons new crown test was positive. His agent has not responded to the report.

As the new Batman candidate, Robert Pattinson, in order to get rid of the image of twilight, once said: if it fails, Ill play erotic movies.

In 2005, 19-year-old Pattinson starred in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire, playing Cedric Diggory, Captain and seeker of hutchpark college, Potters rival..

After becoming famous, Pattinson won the fierce competition of Twilight 3000, becoming Edward the later vampire. The first Twilight has a global box office of more than $400 million, becoming a phenomenal topic work, and the protagonists have become popular overnight.

Robert Pattinson, twilight city (source: Netease Entertainment)

Batman male host new crown is positive. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Chen Shaojie_ b6952

Batmans new crown is positive