Countless straight men fantasized about the womens bathhouse, in fact, is not so beautiful

 Countless straight men fantasized about the womens bathhouse, in fact, is not so beautiful

When it comes to womens bathrooms, almost all straight mens minds will come up with a scene of beauty taking out of the bath. Those faint curves, those delicate faces, and the atmosphere of water vapor filled with ambiguity and soaring, give people infinite reverie and blood spurting.

In the old TV series outlaws of the marsh, the director arranged three bathing plays for Pan Jinlian in order to reveal her psychological state. Through this pot of fragrant bath water, Pan Jinlian comes out of the symbolic characters in books and on the stage, and comes to us as a person with flesh and blood, love and love.

However, womens bathrooms, which let countless mens brains and fantasies peep into, are often not as beautiful as they think.

No matter how delicate make-up you wear and how expensive a skirt you wear, how many people call school flowers. In this bathhouse, you are just a girl who takes a shower with dirt.

Ninety-eight of the eyes, bye bye, two hundred and eighty of the foundation, bye bye, six hundred of the essence of the bye bye, the girls in the public bathhouse, everyone looks so honest, without any decorating and dressing.

The posture when taking a bath is not very elegant, even a bit obscene. Some people are relaxing their waistline, some have chest hunchback, someone is trying to brush their teeth, their teeth are full of froth, someone is rubbing their toes carefully, not letting off a bit of dirt in the gap.

Although they are in their 20s, most of them are different from those in magazines, models and computer hard disks. There is a flat airport in front of her chest, a bucket waist with countless meat folds on her body, and an elephant leg who squats down to pick up soap They have everything. Their bodies are different, but full of friendly, although not beautiful, but primitive and real.

Some southern girls, who are afraid of embarrassment, regard public bathhouses as monsters. In the face of such bold and unconstrained manner, those with money will pay a high price to go to the sauna outside the school. Those who have no money will take a basin of hot water to hide in the bathroom of their dormitories for a quick scrubbing. Some even wear swimsuits to take a bath.

However, after a long time, most of the southern girls are no longer like the initial collapse and exclusion, and their gentleness is also lost by the dense vapor evaporation in the bathhouse. It is generally believed that such an environment is acceptable.

But what many people will never accept is the magic of bathing in the North - the powerful impact of rubbing bath towel. The bath towel, like a dishcloth, rubs the body red in the steaming atmosphere of hot water. The young fellow in the South was stunned and couldnt help asking whether it was a kind of torture.

If you dont take a bath, isnt it for nothing?

I have a little sympathy for you who have not taken a bath. Your life is incomplete and your back is muddy.

As a matter of fact, the culture of rubbing bath has existed since ancient times. Su Shi also wrote a special article Rumeng Ling before, asking the back wiping person not to exert too much force: the scale has never been suffered, and there is nothing in the two. I send a message to the back wiping person that he will do his best to wave his elbow every day. His hands are light and his hands are light. The hermit has no scale originally.

In the north, a bath master is often equivalent to half a Chinese massage. When kneading, pay attention to the light hand, even strength, both hands and body. Four light, four heavy four around the road: light, throat, breast, rib and calf; heavy, back, arm, hip, thigh; thoughtful, hand holding foot, leg root armpit. To palm rub, thenar, finger rub three big techniques, rub out a happy and two Jin mud.

Different from the shyness and reserve of children in the south, many girls in the North love the pleasure of taking a bath. Moreover, they have developed a good tradition of taking a bath when they are young. What is different from the social attribute of girls meeting to go to the toilet is that appointment pays more attention to the function of appointment. If you dont have a shower, whos going to rub your back?

Of course, you can also find a stranger who has left alone. Hey, Hello, classmate. Can you help me rub my back in a moment? Ill rub it for you

Oh, yes, give me your bath towel.

Exchange bath towel, equivalent to the exchange of mutual trust. Of course, you dont have to worry that the other party will stare at your body. After all, in the eyes of outsiders, you are like a white pig waiting to be slaughtered. Its not a beautiful scene.

I cant help but think of the public bathhouse that my mother and I used to go to when I was a child. It was always steaming hot and steamy. When there are many people, it is even more stuffy and crowded. Three people share a tap. The big bathhouse full of all kinds of people embodies all kinds of life.

Boys and girls of two or three years old are fighting with each other and laughing at each other whether I have you or not; teenage girls curl up for fear that their mother will bump into her newly developed breasts when she rubs her bath; middle-aged women are holding a large basin to rub their underwear; and the old lady is powerless to sit on a small stool and be swabbed by her daughter There is a strong breath of life.

However, with the development of the times, such public bathhouses have become less and less. At the beginning of the demolition of the old city, a bathhouse was crushed and replaced by an independent bathroom of each family in a high-rise building.

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