Recent photo of Hong Jinbaos ex-wife accidentally exposed her beauty

 Recent photo of Hong Jinbaos ex-wife accidentally exposed her beauty

According to Hong Jinbao, his marriage with his ex-wife Cao Enyu was very hasty. They didnt have a thorough understanding. They just got married on impulse, so they had a lot of conflicts after marriage, and they spent every day fighting. In 1991, Hong Jinbao and Cao Enyu agreed to divorce and married Gao Lihong, a half blood beauty 13 years younger than him.

It is reported that in May this year, Tan Yonglin released the photo of Hong Jinbaos big brothers family dinner. On that day, Hong Jinbao cooked in person to entertain his friends. However, some sharp eyed Netizens found that he had lost a lot of weight in his old age and worried about his physical condition. Later, it was Hong Jinbaos daughter-in-law, Zhou Jiawei, who explained why he became thin. It turned out that he had lost weight at the doctors suggestion, and his meals became light.

In fact, Hong Jinbao said publicly last year that he was forced to lose weight by his wife Gao Lihong and banned him from eating braised pork and chocolate. Although he Tucao Joyce Mina Godenzi make complaints about his head, he can see that he is very good at hearing his wife. Moreover, Gao Lihong treats the four stepsons and stepdaughters as her own. It is reported that she and Hong Jinbao have agreed not to have children after marriage and take care of their stepchildren as their own responsibility and raise them up.

In 2012, at the wedding ceremony of Hong Tianming and Zhou Jiawei, Gao Lihong and Cao Enyu were photographed side by side, regardless of their status. This is also Cao Enyus rare public appearance after her divorce from Hong Jinbao. At that time, she looked a little fat, but her facial features were still delicate. Its no wonder that the appearance of several children was not low-key, and then she was very low-key, and her whereabouts were hard to find.