Osaka is expected to become Japans second capital with a referendum to be held in November

 Osaka is expected to become Japans second capital with a referendum to be held in November

According to Japans Daily News reported on the 3rd, Osaka City Vision has re divided 24 districts of Osaka City into four special districts under the unified management of Osaka Prefecture, so as to reduce administrative costs and facilitate urban construction on a larger scale. The Osaka government assembly passed the relevant bill on August 28. Due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic change is difficult to predict, the date of public voting is tentatively scheduled for October 12th, and the date of balloting is November 1st.

It is understood that the Osaka capital idea was originally proposed by Hashimoto, then mayor of Osaka, in 2010. This plan intends to follow the example of Tokyo Metropolitan and merge the 24 districts of Osaka City into several special districts to be managed by Osaka Prefecture, so as to eliminate the dual administration of the government and the city and enhance the economic vitality. This is also aimed at building Osaka into Japans second metropolitan area with the function of capital, so as to temporarily replace its administrative capital when Tokyo is hit by natural disasters and other accidents.

In 2015, Osaka held a public vote on the Osaka capital idea. The result of the vote counting showed that the number of opponents exceeded the number of those in favor of the Osaka capital idea was rejected. To this end, the then Osaka mayor Hashimoto announced that he would withdraw from Japanese politics after his term of office ended.

According to Agence France Presses previous report, Osakas intention to change may also be related to some kind of identity crisis. Osaka was the largest and richest commercial center of Japan hundreds of years ago, and also the distribution center of rice and other important commodities in the country. However, after the Meiji Restoration in 1868, Osaka gradually went downhill. On the other hand, during the period of rapid economic growth in Japan, Tokyo has gradually built a metropolis with international influence, which radiates its influence to surrounding counties and forms a large-scale metropolitan area. If the Osaka capital plan can be realized, Osaka will also join the ranks of London, New York, Tokyo and other international metropolises, and is expected to regain the glory of its former commercial capital. (overseas net king Xiluo)