Learning half quilt everyday

 Learning half quilt everyday

The long march is a history that reflects the deep love between the army and the people. In Shazhou village, Rucheng County, Hunan Province, three female Red Army women stayed with Xu Jiexiu. Before leaving, they cut half of their only quilt for the old man. The old man said, what is the Communist Party? Even if the Communist Party has a quilt of its own, it should cut half of it to the common people.

Half quilt sculpture on the square of Shazhou village, Rucheng County, Hunan Province.

Why is the spirit of half quilt touching? Because it is the epitome of military and civilian fish and water situation.

In the first ten days of November 1934, the Central Red Army came to Rucheng County, Hunan Province, on the way of the Long March, and one of the troops entered Shazhou village. Many villagers took refuge in the mountains. However, we found that this time the troops were different from the White army, which used to only rob things.

After entering the village, some Red Army soldiers cut firewood for the villagers when they saw firewood at the door, while others went to carry water when they saw that there was no water in the bucket.

At that time, 34 year old Xu Jiexiu didnt have time to go far because of his small feet and his son, who was just one year old. Seeing this, she went home again.

During that time, many Red Army soldiers were sleeping peacefully under the eaves of villagers or in the yards. Seeing that the Red Army was so hard, Xu Jiexiu let three female Red Army women live at home.

At that time, it was raining and snowing, and the Red Armys clothes were all wet. Xu Jiexiu quickly set up hot water to wash their feet and bathe, and then cooked food for them.

Because the family was poor, Xu Xie Xius bed was only covered with straw and broken cotton wadding. In the evening, the three Red Army women slept in a bed with Xu Jiexiu and covered a marching quilt. Xu Jiexius husband is sleeping on the haystack at the door.

During the day, the Red Army soldiers worked with Xu Jiexiu, preaching progressive truth and helping her with her children. Xu Jiexiu helped the Red Army soldiers cook.

In a twinkling of an eye, the Red Army was about to open. Seeing that Xu Jiexius family didnt even have a decent quilt, one of the Women Red Army cut her march with scissors and left half of the quilt to Xu Jiexiu.

This is decades of waiting. When Deng Yingchao saw the story, he launched a nationwide campaign to find three female Red Army women, and jointly with 15 old red army officers, entrusted others to send a quilt to Xu Jiexius family in the lunar month of 1991. It is a pity that there has been no news from the three women Red Army.

A quilt, cut in two, witnessed the profound military and civilian fish water situation. General secretary Xi Jinping said, every generation has the long march of every generation. On the road of the long march more than 80 years ago, the unconditional support of the broad masses of the people is the strong backing for the final victory of the long march. Today, more than 80 years later, only by accelerating the building of an all-round well-off society can we live up to the peoples heavy trust. No matter how the world changes, the Communist Party of China always shares the same breath, common destiny and heart to heart with the people, which is also the source of strength for us to overcome all difficulties.